Friday, December 12, 2008

Whew! Am I exhausted!

So yesterday was a pretty hectic day. Yesterday, I had six semester exams. (Yeah, kinda just before Christmas break. Gotta love that, huh?) So here I was with my pen flying over a lot of pages trying to get as much done before piano lessons! I finished my geometry and violin exams, and then I went to piano with my mom and sister. It went pretty well, and I added two new things to my schedule/calender. One, my sister and I are going to play seasonal (and some nonseasonal ;D) music at our local mall, and two, I'm going to have a group piano lesson on the 22nd! Now, I have school on that day so I'll have to get up really early to finish everything! Why do I have school during Christmas break, you ask? Well, it's because we'll have to go to India maybe sometime during the school year to get my adorable little sister and we don't want to be behind in school. I'm definitely okay with that. :D

After that, my teacher and my mom surprised my sister and I by saying that they're going to have lunch together. So my mom dropped us off at our home, and I went back to working on those pesky piles of paper. (Liked my alliteration???) After I finished that off, I made lunch. (Oodles of noodles!) I didn't exactly get around to making noodles for myself, but I did get some of the food my mom brought home. Lo mien noodles and sweet and sour chicken!

Anyways, back on subject. My mom brings up going to this local place's open house. The place is sort of like a community college, but not quite. It offers half a day of AP and pre-AP classes that a highschooler can take. There were two places like that. They taught different subjects and they had open houses on the same day, same time! I chose to go to the BioMedical academy, because I'm interested in the medial field. When we're on our way there, my dad tells me we're also going to pay a visit to the Engineering academy. So we rush into the BioMedical center, and I'm freezing, so we were led into a huge lecture hall type of thing. They gave a informative yet compact summary of what went on there, and then we hastily went on a tour of the place. It was amazing! Diagrams of things everywhere and a lot of cool technology. I even saw a cat that was going to be dissected. Surprisingly, I didn't get grossed out. I loved the tour and the campus!

Next, we hastily went to the Engineering place. (But we didn't speed, promise!) We got there and went on a tour. It was amazing, I have to admit. Amazing computer programs and the robots were something else. It was so cool, but a little bit intimidating. We spoke with several teachers and the counselor, who was really nice. Something that kind of freaked me out was that they were asking stuff like, "What type of engineer do you want to be?" or "What got you interested in engineering?" You see, I was prepared to answer those questions for the BioScience place, but not the engineering academy! I'm really not even too sure what I want to be when I'm older. I just know that I want it to be in the medical field, since I love learning how amazing God made the human body. One person there said that engineers are more likely to be picked to be accepted into my local medical college. That's what confused me. Is it true? I don't know. Hopefully I'll find out!

So now I have to choose where I'm going to go, the BioScience campus or the Engineering academy. I really like the BioScience a lot, but if engineering will help me get into med school...?
Please pray for me and my parents and we make our decision. The application for joining the academy should be given as soon as possible, so we're sort of rushed.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Now that I think about it, a science test compared to what you had is like nothing. I am so glad I did not have that many tests!! And yes, you were late, but I think I did fine. Not a 100%, but I think, or hope, that I got an "A."

Well, have a nice day,
Lauren ANN

bookworm4god said...

I miss you!!!

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