Monday, December 22, 2008

Fiction Fix

I've put up a poll asking if you would like to see a monthly fiction article staring in 2009. It will be just random short stories with Christian values. They most likely will not be in any order or have anything to do with each other. But they will have to do with the time of year or holiday if applicable. Please feel free to vote on what you want. You can even say no! I will not know who you are and all that stuff, so saying no will be fine. After all, you will be the one reading it!

So why am I doing this? Why is GoMC telling you about this new insane idea she has?
There are several reasons, actually. But I'll just state two.

~I'd like to get more experience writing. Limiting myself to a certain amount of words and making it meaningful yet compact is something I struggle with. I'm working on a full blown book (Now 98,000 or so words as of today) so I don't get much in the way of short stories except for school assignments and other miscellaneous reasons. If you give your consent to start doing this, I'll ask for you to comment on errors, both grammatical ones and theological ones.

~I find that I read fiction more than nonfiction, and it's generally the same with kids and teens. We read more fiction. Our eyes and ears are like the gateway to the brain and we like expanding our imaginations. So, reading clean stuff with a good message is hard to do nowadays since there aren't many clean books. (It's been sort of hard finding a completely clean book in the library and popular bookstores nowadays. Even some Christian bookstores have been displaying some inappropriate books that don't even mention Christianity, or true Christianity.)
So, clean fiction is something I would like to read, and I hope you would like it too.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I think it is great idea! I am looking forward to seeing what you write if you decide to do this.

Anonymous said...

Hi DoT! I think it is a great idea! On the poll about the second choice, I think your blog is very interesting.

Bria said...

I can tell you like horses! I do too! I live on mygrandfather's ranch and he has about eight horses of various breeds. Great blog! I found you through Lauren Ann.

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