Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love Thy Enemies!

I have been learning more about loving those who are doing something you don't like or people who are you enemies. You've heard about "turning the other cheek" and not hating those who oppress you ( a fancy word for harassing). So...what are you supposed to do when people throw you out like yesterday's trash?

Step #1: Forgive them.
Step #2: Pray for them.

Short, but unfortunately not always simple!

~Angelina has been wounded before by tongue-lashings and unthoughtful remarks. She has no idea where to turn or what to do.
~Many times Rachel is purposely ignored by those she thought loved her. She becomes bitter and angry with a "I hate everything" attitude.
~It's hard to get Jake's attitudes and emotions under control when his "friends" decide to get a good laugh over his mistakes or tiny blunders, even tripping in the hall.
~ Grant is so sick and tired of his classmates making fun at him for his beliefs about God and his decision to remain pure until marriage.

Sometimes they just want to pop the other person's bubble of superiority, want to punch them so hard that they'll see stars, or sit in a dark corner and have a pity party. It's really hard when someone rains on our parade. We just want to get rid of them no matter how.

The thing is, we should forgive them. Remember when Jesus was on the cross? People mocked and spat on him. They whipped him. Even his close friends denied him or ran away and didn't stick to him when they were needed the most. But what did Jesus pray? He prayed that God would forgive them! When I read the Bible and see what my Savior went through, my troubles seem so very tiny. I know how it feels. It's really hard to forgive. Trust me, I've been going through several situations like that lately. But if Jesus forgave those who did terrible things, should I not do the same?

Pray for them. That seems so hard, doesn't it? You'd rather see them hit by a lightning bolt than praying for them. But as I showed in the above paragraph, Jesus prayed for those who were doing a terrible act against him. He loved them, though they were cruel.

We should be polite and have a Christ-like attitude to those who offend us. Correct them in brotherly love if need be, but don't try to to pour more gasoline on a burning flame. Being mean right back never fixes anything. If whatever your situation is, gets worse, talk to your parent or a Christian adult that you trust and know will not lead you astray.

Just two steps.

"Sweet Revenge"
by BarlowGirl

Did you see that I was hurt?
Did you know that you had left me crying there?
Now I'm holding all you words close till you feel this pain too
But you live on so unaware
While I thought somehow this hate would heal me
But this hate is never ending and it's only killing me
Oh sweet revenge you've lied again
I find I can't get free till I release this vengeance that I seek
Forgive you the only thing I want to live I'm ready to be free
Maybe you've been wounded too
Maybe all this is your self protection
All the hurts you thought were hidden
Are the one now hurting me
So who will make the pattern end?
I find I can't get free till I release this vengeance that I seek
Forgive you, the only thing I want to live I'm ready to
Break these chains
Won't see this through
'Cause setting you free means my freedom too
I find I can't get free till I release this vengeance that I seek
Forgive you the only thing I want to live I'm ready to be free

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

that was good! It definity is hard to love your enemies, but we all have to do it. At this point in life, I don't have any! =) WEll, great post.

Sarah said...

Cool post! Thanx, it really helps :)

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