Friday, June 19, 2009

Randomness Friday

As you can see, I've made a drastic change to my blog... The content shall be the same as ever, but the look is new. I thought my old blog template didn't fit well with the whole "many colors" thing, but this one I liked a lot. I got this blog from Shabby Blog designs- It was totally free! I found this site through Just A Girl 4 God's blog. I'm going to try this summer, in honor of my upcoming first blogoversary (FOUR days, ya'll!) to do more things to my blog to make it easier to navigate and for people to know more about me because I've realized that newcomers may not know who is who.


Tae Kwon Do this week was pretty awesome. We had really big classes this week which is almost miracle-like because of our regular attendance of seven or so. More people equals more fun. From everything to handstands to people pyramids- we did it. I laughed a lot, and Artista (younger sis) is starting to enjoy it too.


I didn't get to go to horse riding last week, but I'm hoping I can go this week. I've been reading this VERY informative book Horse Riding for Dummies. I've always stayed away from books in that series because of the "Dummy" part, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's an awesome book that presents the facts clearly without wordy fluff. Step by step instructions for both English and Western riding. (I do Western now, but since I am a beginner, I can always change it. Still deciding, though!)

I really recommend it for those interested in horses.


You Will Definitely Know When Your Phone Rings... You Light Up!

Interesting news story!

And guess what? DOWNHERE, a Christian band, is having a contest. The Prize? A song written for YOU by Downhere. Yes, you!
What do you have to do? Create a T-shirt with either the title/themes of their songs "My Last Amen" or "Hope is Rising".
Go HERE for more info.

Thanks to the AIR1BLOG for telling their readers about this awesome opportunity!


I've been thinking about making "Randomeness Friday" an official blog carnivale. What do ya'll think? Would you be interested in participating?

God Bless,

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