Friday, June 12, 2009

Randomness Friday!

Has anyone noticed my picture change? It's a teensy bit hard to tell, but it is a prism. Funny that my blogger name would be Prism because when I was in second or third grade, I did a project on rainbows and bought a prism. I can remember parading around the gym at school with the piece of glass in my hands, marveling at the rainbow it could produce.

Isn't it weird how things that kept us busy for hours on end can seem like nothing when we get older? Then it was crayons, shells, flowers, and butterflies. Now it's computers, books, iPods, and thumb drives.

Not that the change is bad, but I sort of miss that little-child wonder. And faith.

Remember how Jesus said that we should have the faith of child? I automatically think of Lil' Sis.

For the past month and a half, I've been teaching her English words, mostly counting and the alphabet. But what I thought was most important was the things my mom taught her from that first day she was given to us in India.

"Thank you, Jesus. Amen!" Her cute little voice says it so enthusiastically. She may not understand fully what she is doing, but I believe she understands more than we think her to.

Every time two lines cross like a...well, cross. She says, "Jesus, thank you. Amen!"
Same thing with a picture of Jesus or Artista's (my sister) clay sculptures of Him. It's amazing, really. Just tell her something once, and she knows it.

Today we were looking through a book titled "My Bible ABC's" It's not a complex book or anything, just the letter with a words that starts with it along with a picture. And everything was Bible-related.
She pointed to a picture of a star and said, "The twinkle twinkle little star is praying" (in a mix of her original language and English, of course)

I immediately gaped at her and I'm sure I had a goofy grin on my face.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork..."


On Saturday I got to give a horse a bath!!! It was fun, lathering soap in her black mane and coat and blabbering silly nonsense. I've read books where horse-owners like talking to their horses because their great listeners. That is SO true. She kept on swiveling her ear back to listen to me, and when my mom's cell phone alarm went off she turned around and stared at me with a look that made me burst into laughter.

Funny story about that cell phone, by the way...

We had to leave horse riding early on Saturday because I had a violin lesson, and my violin teacher has a busy schedule. So I couldn't do anything to change it. We planned to leave at 11:30 so I could shower and eat lunch to make it at 1:45. So my dad handed me my mom's cell phone that she had let him borrow (he has his own. It was so I could call either him or home just in case) He told me to set an alarm. I did, but noticed the volume was on level five out of a possible seven.

I changed it to seven, of course. When you're outdoors and washing a horse, something needs to be extremely loud to break one from their horse reverie.

So right on time, it beeped. The horse startled and turned her mighty neck around to stare at me as it continued beeping.

And beeping...

And beeping...

My hands were VERY soapy and I didn't want to reach into my jeans to turn the thing off! I'd risk wet pants, a water-logged electronic device, and a very uncomfortable ride home.

And beeping...

Finally my dad drove up and I ran to him to tell him the time and my dilemma. He got it for me and made the phone cease its annoying song.

But that wasn't the end of my phone troubles...

Anyway, I finished the bath, hopped in the car, and made it just fine to violin class.

Fast forward to church the next day...

I think you may be able to tell what's coming.

We were there at the back of the church, listening to the sermon. The clock struck 11:30 AM


trust me, in a silent church, the highest volume on a phone is L-O-U-D.


My mom just sat there, thinking it was the people in front of us, but I knew it was ours. I frantically motioned for her to reach inside her purse, open the thing, and make it cease.

I must have looked like a clown because once it stopped, I heard snickers from the people behind us.

My mom fixed me with that world-famous plant-withering, ice-melting glare.

I sank down in my seat, begging God to make me disappear. But, at the same time, a giggle bubbled up my throat.

That was the first thing we discussed in the car. Since that day we had taken two cars (my dad and I had to go earlier than my mom, Artista, and Lil' Sis) it was only my Dad and I. He thought the whole affair was hilarious so we had a good time joking around.

My mother wasn't as amused, but she has a streak of humor, so we had fun with it too.

Turns out that once the phone has an alarm, it repeats unless you disable it. I hadn't known that.

I've now been banned from touching it.

*laughs* It's all cool. I don't mind much. Technology CAN be evil, and that phone sure is!


God Bless,


Elizabeth J. said...

I think that would have been comical, especially at a different time.=)

Tippie said...

*chuckles* I probably would be totally embarrassed about it at first, but after I would start laughing. Hehe. I know my mom always turns her cell-phone to vibrate before church-service because this guy always calls our cell-phone with a wrong number. :P

SarahO'G said...

Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness - That is SO not good about the cell phone!

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