Friday, July 17, 2009

This is a picture I drew a while back when I was crazy about everything dog. It’s supposed to be a fox, but it sort of turned out looking like a wolf


This week has been mostly relaxing. I wasn’t feeling too well this week, so that was totally fine with me. I’ve had tons of fun with my sisters, though. This morning, Lil’ Sis made me out of these huge legos. It wasn’t too shabby, in my opinion. Although she made my neck freakishly long, and I looked sort of box-y. =D


If ya’ll have read any books lately, feel free to tell me. I’ve been rereading books I own, and it’s awesome. I love to find new reads all the time, though.
I’ve been reading the Lucy novels by Nancy Rue. (They ROCK for girls age 10 and up, in my opinion. Technically, I’m too old for the series, but I love reading books for tweens…)


God Bless,

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Elizabeth J. said...

That's a good sketch, I do think it looks like a fox.

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