Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meerkat's Message

Our zoo trip on Saturday was totally F-U-N. We started out early, but not too early, since it was a Saturday and all and what tween or teen in their right mind wouldn’t take advantage of a beautiful morning by snoozing it away? Anyway, I got up at around eight (VERY early for me when it comes to Saturday mornings, by the way) and we packed up and headed out. It didn’t take too long to get there, but the zoo was in our neighboring city.
The first thing I thought when we entered was, “’Kay, get ready for a long day.”
We went to see the elephants first, since Lil’ Sis had been so excited by our telling her that we were going to see some. But, unfortunately, they weren’t at the zoo at the time. I mean, what a way to start it off. She did get to see one, though. That is, a metal statue that kids can sit on and take picatures (yes, I purposely spelled that word that way)
The animals we saw were many and so different, which sort of reminded me of people. I mean, from rock stars to high school janitors… From living constant cold to braving the desert… That’s just so cool that a Creator made us all from the funny platypus to graceful swan to us, the silly bipeds.
I’d have to say that my favorite part was seeing the meerkats. I remember watching a little bit of a show about them on Animal Planet a while back, but I never really was into it. But these guys (and girls, I suppose) were absolutely ADORABLE! I mean, they were basically:

1. Scamper (to where they wanted to go)
2. Stop (Do I hear something…?)
3. Stay Still (Hmmm…..)
4. Watch (Where’s the eagle? Where’s the eagle???)

My dad said that it’s basically what they do. These cute creatures have to constantly watch for predators along with eating and all. That got me thinking… (and you know that means trouble… Just kidding.)
We should always be watching for Jesus. It’s what we’re here for, along with reaching others with the Gospel and all our activities. It’s so hard for me, at times, to just stop, be still, and read my Bible or pray. I mean, we have LIFE! So many things to do…
But it wasn’t until recently that I really thought about the fact that these things that I engage myself in now- reading, writing, school, and yes, even horse riding- are just temporal. They won’t last long for me. It’s either Jesus comes or I die when my time comes, and compared to eternity, my life is nothing. I really just need to let God be my number one.
I’m with most of you. It’s really HARD to do that. I can just sit in this chair and preach all the things I want and you could go, “Hel-lo! You must not be real. That is impossible for me!”
I am totally real, and I hope you’ll join me as I try to let go, and let God. I hope to write more on how I’m doing with my little summer challenge.

God Bless,


Sarah said...

That was a really good post :) I really like seeing the Meerkats at the zoo, and I loved how you compared them to how we should be watching out for God :) Nice post. I rated "awesome!"

Kendra Logan said...

Aw, cute picture! I love your signature, by the way.


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