Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have been tagged by Emily from My World because I just happen to have five dollars with me at the moment... Creative way of tagging, by the way! =D

Do you have an email address? Yep... Who on the internet doesn't?

How many followers do you have? 23

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone with? Dad!

Are you happy right now? Totally!

What book are you reading now? Cracking the PSAT and Red by Ted Dekker

What is the most advanced book you read? Hmmmm... Probably all of these PSAT books, the Bible, and some info. books on vocabulary and Creation vs. evolution...

Do you like your blog? *cough* I do, but as for anyone else? *shrugs* =D

How long have you been on blogger for? A year and a couple of months

Is your profile name your real name? Guess... *winks*

What is your favorite movie? (Choose ONE and ONLY one)I don't watch very much movies... Okay, I'd pick Amazing Grace

Have you seen the new Star Trek? No.

Who is your favorite fictional character? (Yes, you may say more than one for this :)) Lucy Rooney from the Lucy Novels (Nancy Rue), Jake Ely from Phantom Stallion (Terri Farley), Anne Ross from Isle of Swords (Wayne Thomas Batson), and Anne (Anne of Green Gables and rest of series)

I tag anyone with PURPLE on their blog

God Bless,

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