Friday, July 31, 2009

Randomness Friday

Okay, so I'm thinking about making a blog button. You know, a picture that links to a blog. The thing is, I'm not sure whether or not I can make one, and then there's the issue of getting an actual picture. I'm putting up a poll asking you whether or not I should make one, so please vote! If it's approved, I'll start posting pictures I've found and asking for sites/pictures that I can find the perfect one.


Speaking of polls, the results are in for "What do YOU want to see on GoMC?"
Oh, I just noticed it rhymed! *laughs*

Anyways, Part One:

Randomness 4 (23%)
Videos/ Music 3 (17%)
Serious Stuff 1 (5%)
About Prism 1 (5%)
All of the Above 8 (47%)

Part Two:

Video/Music 1 (7%)
Horse Tales 4 (28%)
Stories 2 (14%)
Art 2 (14%)
All of the Above 5 (35%)

So, I see more randomness and horse tales in the future along with a sprinkling of the other posts in the future. Ah, looks pretty bright!


Many of you may be wondering just exactly why I haven't been posting about my horse adventures AT ALL. The reason?

I haven't ridden since the 4th of July. *nods at the collective gasp*

It's sad, yeah? But the owner of the horse I ride is out of town, and I have to say I don't feel to comfortable riding without a horse person supervising. I had to give myself a reality check.

Hello, Prism? You've only been riding for less than two months!!!

I can't say I'm enjoying my time away from horses, but I'm not going to pout about it. *grins* I watched a TON of movies this week.


~Prince Caspian: Okay. Didn't stick too much to the book, though. Understandable, but why the kiss?! I mean, they're never going to see each other again!

~Wall-E: I just love that movie. Enough said. *grins*

~Oliver and Co.: Okay, an old Disney movie that I had to watch with my younger sisters. It was okay, but I personally didn't like it.


School starts in less than two weeks for me. Okay.... *starts hyperventilating*

Where did thou go, summer?

Ya'll who start around the 20th, be grateful. *winks*

Okay, okay. I don't hate school that much. Actually, my favorite subjects are history, english, and Bible. I'm not doing as much electives as I had to last year (boy, was that hectic) so it's all good.

I'll miss P.E., though...

And there's just a feeling deep, deep inside of me that's telling me that this year of school is going to be so fun!


God Bless!


Michaila said...

I must say, I agree 1 million percent with the 'Prince Caspian' thing you said. It made no sense.

Have a Great rest of the summer!

~Prism~ said...

Totally, and thank you so much!

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