Friday, July 10, 2009

Randomness Friday

This is a picture I drew a week or so ago. I call it "Field of Dreams". I'm not that into art and drawing and such, but I do love it once I get the time and will to force myself to keep still *laughs*.
In this one, I did my best to work with shadowing and making it look more human-like, since I'm pretty awful at drawing people. It took me several hours on each leg, and the worst were the hands. I could get her left one just right, but hopefully it doesn't look disastrous. The easier things were definitely the butterflies. Near her head you can see a little indent, which is the cause of using water-sensitive paper and a scanner that does have a "penciled drawing" setting. Every week I'll try posting something I've drawn either new or old, to kind of mix things up a bit.


Lil' Sis (who we adopted from India several months ago) is doing splendidly. It's amazing how fast little ones can pick up other languages, and communicate in such cute and/or creative ways. I spend about an hour every day teaching her new stuff. Like most kids, she has her good days and not-so-good days, but I'd say that my love never ever wavers. It's pretty hard to stay angry at her, that's for sure.

She calls Artista and me by our names with the added respectful title for "older sister" in my mother tongue language. She speaks a whole other language than the one my family speaks, but our mom is kind of the bridge, because she understands a lot of Lil' Sis's language and can talk with her.


This summer has been one of my most memorable yet. I mean, horse riding (most memorable, the parade in my last post), writing galore, entering tons of contests, and now I'm going to go to the zoo tomorrow! Forget the fact that it's going to be in the hundreds tomorrow and there's a primate at the zoo with my real name... I haven't gone in YEARS, so this will be amazingful. Even if it means skipping this week's horse riding. I mean, this isn't exactly a one-time oppurtunity, but this sort of outing is pretty rare for my family.


We're coming near the end of my piano lessons breaks, and just beginning my violin lesson's. Even though I practiced this week, it's like there's no pressure, which is totally new to me. It'll be exciting to jump back into music when my piano teacher calls us.

Tae Kwon Do was totally fun this week, and not just because our main teachers are out of town. I've learned that a good attitude and willing, teachable spirit can totally change your day. Think on the positive!

Ah, life is just perfect this week...

God Bless,


ElizabethMarieKauffman said...

What do you mean you're not good at drawing people?? That's a really good picture!! I'm impressed!

Assr lei∂r ykkarr or∂.


√čarwen said...


Sarah said...

AWESOME drawing! i wish i could draw that good!

Aww, I'm glad she's doing good :)

Cool, I hope you have fun at the zoo, and with "your" little primate :) lol

~Prism~ said...

@ Everyone: Wow... Thank you so much. I'm really not the most talented person in art or anything, pretty far from it. Thank you soooo much! You've inspired me to draw more...

God Bless,


Hannah said...

Very pretty!

I'm following your blog! :)


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