Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is Time Running Out?

Feel like summer is suddenly disappearing before your very eyes? It’s back to school shopping either now or soon, and you feel like you’re summer has been a flop. Are your days filled with, “I should have done that!”, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, and the ever-popular, “Someone save me from the inevitable!”

Here are some ideas to make your last weeks of summer worthwhile:

Into reading? Go through all of the books that are in your personal library. If you’re like me, you buy books and read ‘em once, then forget all about them. Challenge yourself to read them all, and you’re bound to discover some new friends, or rekindle a friendship with old ones. You can also challenge yourself to read a book of the Bible in a certain amount of time, and you’ll be glad you did.

Play an instrument? Strive to get better at whatever you play. Finish a song you’ve been working in for ages, or at least get where you want to be. Learn or perfect some scales (yes, I know. I don’t really like them either), brush up on some technique, or work on your sight reading. It’ll pay off.

Been inside all summer? Good for people like me who have sat in front of a computer for most of their break. Get a lawn chair and just sit in your backyard for some time, preferably at sunrise or sunset. It’ll be a way of getting a perfect time slot outside, when you’re usually inside watching TV or getting ready for bed. I did it yesterday, and trust me, I L-O-V-E-D it!

Love writing? You have these amazing plots and ideas in your head for an awesome story, but you’ve never really thought of writing it down, or at least hesitate to. This is your chance! Get out some notebooks or create a new document on your computer for some creative fun. Set a word limit (can be flexible, of course) and do your best to reach it before school starts. You can also start a journal or blog if you haven’t already. Diaries aren’t girly, peoples! They are good for remembering all of the awesome stuff in your life because, trust me, you’ll forget or the memories will dim. There are always a TON of competitions going on, and you can still get into one this late into the summer.

Haven’t spent enough time with family? Take a day off for a family outing. It can even be on a weekend or any day that suits you and your relatives. Good places are the zoo, lake, beach, park, or even a picnic in your backyard. I love doing a cookout with just me and the family. Don’t want to go that far? Challenge your siblings or parents to your favorite games. Whether its charades, Monopoly, or football, have a ball!

Love animals? Find a way to volunteer at an animal shelter. Read lots of books, both information and fiction, on that animal. Spend some time with your pet instead of letting him/her laze around all day. Chase your puppy around! Get a toy that interests your cat and spend the afternoon together! Observe your pet or someone else’s (with their permission, of course) and see what quirky habits they have. You’ll have a lot of laughs, and I can guarantee you’ll feel happier after spending time with your pet.

Nervous about school? Okay, no one is probably ecstatic about going back to lockers, teachers, and grades, but we all have to. Get everything ready ahead of time! Get that shopping done, those who hate shopping (like me)! Brush up on those subjects that aren’t your favorite, so you won’t be mystified by your teacher’s first sentence.

These are just a few things that I have come up with, and I hope they help you feel that your summer’s been more worthwhile!

God Bless,

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Violinist4Christ said...

Great ideas for summer activities! Thanks for posting them!


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