Friday, September 11, 2009

Randomness Friday: Roller Coaster

Okay, this is so sad, but I couldn't post the next banner candidate for Randomness Friday. Tech problems, so nothing was wrong with the picture or anything. Go here to view a wonderfully creative banner made by Isirian!

Anyhow, Welcome to Randomness Friday, an official blog carnival that I have abbreviated "RF"! Those of you who are new to AGoMC (girl of many colors) may want to take a look at this post to see what all of the commotion is all about.

Now, for two topics that have come up...

1. I am so sorry for the confusion, but I hope this answer will clear things up... The voting for the official blog banner of RF will begin after I have been able to post ALL banners for all to view. It will be a poll, and I will label the banners from 1 to the number of entries. Don't worry, I'll try to make it as easy and clear as I can.

Entries are still open! If you're great with graphics, make a banner for RF, and if your banner is chosen you will be given credit EVERY RF I do....

2. Please remember that my blog address is I really want to give every banner a chance, and I can't do that if the web address isn't correct. Make sure you remember the "a"! It may be small, but it makes all the difference. Without the "a", people will be taken to a blog unrelated to mine.


The following have posted and are doing/going to do RF:

1. Isirian
2. Just a Girl 4 God
3. Libby
4. Eruanna

Several others have expressed interest in RF. Just remember I can't add you to the list until you've posted! And if I've missed anyone, please let me know!


Life can be a roller coaster sometimes… Remember how excited I was last week? Everything was “perfect”…
Sometimes we need a reality check to wake us up…
This week was an interesting one for sure, but hey, we live and learn. I’ve just been thinking that my motto for this week is “Don’t get comfortable”.
We often just fall into routine, on the boring old treadmill of life. It’s not until we’re taken out of our comfort zone that we grow and learn a lot more. I’ve been taken COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone this week, but I know God’s with me. We’re not supposed to worry, right?

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Phillippians 4:6 NIV

I took an exam today, have two next week, have a TON of math homework, need to learn some new measures in piano, may not be able to go horse riding this week, and I’m set to take a standardized next month.

Whew… I have to admit that I was pretty overwhelmed yesterday, but I’ve found peace today. Just take things in little nibbles, and trust God to help you through. Because, these things that I listed won’t really matter TOO much in the future.

"Do not be anxious"- that's a command, ya'll. We're not supposed to worry. Not only will it hamper us spiritually, but a long of diseases and problems stem from worry.
I know, trust me. Whenever I get nervous, I feel really sick. It's like I'm starving, but it's really painful.

What I've said can be pretty much summed up by the saying "Let go, and let God."


Okay. Every time I post about horse riding, there's always something new. Well, this week there's nothing different. I experienced my first JUMP and first FALL!
Hip, hip, hooray!

Now, before you start calling me some kind of lunatic, I'll explain why I thought falling off a loping horse was good.

Lessons, lessons, and overcoming fear. I forgot to correctly tighten the saddle. It wasn't cinched in the right place, so it slid right of her belly to a place where the saddle would slip and I'd slip to the side.

So I was loping... It's like riding one of the mechanical bulls, but not that bad. The gait sort of throws you forward, and just as you get inertia, you're pulled back. We (the mare and I) made a sharp turn, and I leaned on one of the stirrups.

You can imagine the rest... She kept on going... I, unfortunately, did not.

The saddle slipped to her side and she went off a little until she stopped and looked back at me with a "Huh?" kind of look.

If she could talk, it'd probably be like, "Come ON, silly newbie. It's called riding on my back not plowing up some mud!"


Anyway, it was actually fun... Weird, yes, but I overcame my (and my parent's) fear of falling off in breaking into countless pieces.
Plus, I think I'm finally starting to build a friendship with her (by the way, the pretty mare isn't mine).

The jump wasn't to much of a big deal. There was a ditch, and she decided to go English. I just felt a jerk and a quick rip of pain in my legs. But if she ever does it again, I am ready!

Ya'll have a blessed week, and I'll catch up with you (hopefully) on Monday!!!

God Bless,


♥Libby♥ said...

Hey Prism!!
It's so awesome you overcome your fear. I remember doing that and it was YES!!!! The best day of my life :)
Okay, so with the button, you have a picture in mind? Have you already made it? Because to put the text on it, normally people use photoshop which you have to download. And to get the code you have to get a photobucket account. ( Once you've got that it's not that hard. But if you want me to make one for you--with your design if I can-- i'll do that :)

My idea (just in case you wanted to know) for a button of yours if I made one, was getting a little bit of the background out, as well as that sewing part and having and cool kinda writing "a girl of many colors" and if you want I could add the address down at the bottom.

Anyway, let me know what you think :)

Oh, and for my randomness Friday button..

I guess if my button won I could link it to your site 'cause then it would be the offical Randomness Friday button -- that okay?

Oh, and voting...

can we vote for our own buttons?

Libby xXx

Emii said...

Hey, so we're allowed to make a banner to enter some kind of competition for your blog? Please give me more info, I'd love to participate!

Luv,Emii :)

Eruanna said...

I did randomness Sunday since I couldn't do it on Fri or Sat!

Emii said...

Hey Prism,
I made a RF banner/button -- it's at my blog, Girlz 4 God :)


Eruanna said...

I did it and made a banner!

~Prism~ said...

Okay, ya'll sorry it's taken me so long to reply! Crazy week, but I'm updating and everything today.

@Libby: I really love*51MuOfUJ9km-ywJYlRVIP7cXTYPjn7OuQ6Ag1lUVEiiDyxJ8PmsSPunrXX6tyMf1rzlVgwtWZbh*S/RainbowFairy.jpg

that picture. But if you think the one you have in mind is good, by all means I'd appreciate it if you could do it. =D

Sure, that's fine. And yes, you can vote for you own banner. Only one vote per person, though!

@Emii: If you create an RF banner, which I see you already did, I will have a contest in the end, and whoever wins will get their blog promoted in every post I do that's an RF. Coolies I love the banner

@Eruanna: I'd like for Fridays to be the RF days, but if you cannot another day would be fine.

Awesomeness! Great banner!

God Bless,


~Prism~ said...

Ugh.... punctuation. I woke up really early, people. I am so sorry.

Emii: I mean to say... Coolies! I love the banner!

Sorry 'bout that. When I reread it sounded like I wasn't enthusiastic, which I am! =D

God Bless,


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