Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Movie Time!

Many movies have been out/just came out/ is about to come out. I mean, hel-lo! As long as there is an entertainment industry out there, there's got to be some form of entertainment! =D

Anyways, I recently watched one from each of the above mentioned category.

Bolt, Up, and Kung Fu Panda.

My ratings?

1. Bolt
2. Kung Fu Panda
3. Up

All are family movies. I mean, I don't really want to endorse any PG-13 movies... We all have our parental limits, and I, for one, want to respect that. (And family movies are just plain fun, right?)

Bolt- I love this movie. It was almost completely clean (just has a short bit of what dogs usually do to each other when they meet...) But it's an computer animated tale of a movie dog who gets separated from his beloved owner, Penny. The catch? He's only been living in a world where he thinks he's really the super-dog character in his TV shows. That in itself can show this movie has a lots of laughs. Join the adventure as Bolt, Rhino, and Mittens journey from New York to Hollywood.

I recommend this movie to gals mostly. I mean, this movie is guy-watchable but I mean, a cute, heartwarming story of a dog and his gal. What I really recommend this for? A sleepover with your sisters or best friends or a daddy-daughter night. I watched it with my sisters AND my dad. It rocked.

Kung Fu Panda- Po, an overweight, noodle-serving panda dreams of learning kung fu and meeting the furious five (five animals who are like the superheroes of kung fu). This movie is full of laughs and slo-mo's. As I said above, Po is overweight and this movie has no problem showing it. Several nose-wrinkling scenes when Po's behind gets in the way or squishes a bad guy, he is made fun of for his pudginess, and general jiggling. Is it so terrible? Not really, but it would be better without it. There's also two or three times Po gets hit where he's not supposed two. Also one exclaimation of, "I'm gonna pee!"
A big surprise along with a big laugh at the end won the movie over to me. Plus, I just absolutely LOVE Shifu! Oh, and Oogway! They are just too CUTE!

Probably more of a guy movie. Most of the people who have talked about this movie have either been 1) Little guys or 2) Bigger guys. Girls can enjoy it too, though, (well, duh. Like me) especially those involved in martial arts. You won't believe how many times my sisters and I drew comparisons to different characters to people we knew (whose names will never be disclosed *winks*)

UP: Pixar has no problems with not being clean. All of their movies are highly recommended by me, though some movies could use some things in the storyline. This is one of them. The main character, and old square-shaped widower, is fed up with the life he lives and thinks back to his childhood, when he wanted to go to "The Lost Falls". The way to get there is extremely creative. He gets about a million baloons, stuffs the strings through his chimney, rigs up a way to steer, and he's off. But wait- here enters boy with backpack who is swept away on his journey when he innocently wants to get a badge for "Assisting the elderly". Many lessons are learned, with the help of an endangered bird and talking pooch, as they try to save the bird ("Kevin") from being captured.
My main problem with this story was I had nothing real to hold onto. Fantasy is great, but what I love is when fantasy has elements I can relate to. Would I see it again? Yes. The setting I watched it in wasn't very great.

I recommend this movie to, basically, everyone. Just because it was the lowest of three doesn't mean you shouldn't see it. As I said, Pixar rocks.

God Bless,


Eldarwen Failariel said...

I haven't seen Kung Fu Panda and I don't really care to because Jack Black is in it and he is not a very good role model (at all). I saw Bolt, but didn't want to because John Travolta is in it, but I saw it anyway. I personally didn't care for it. But, it's not because it was bad. I haven't seen Up, but I really want to! Although, everyone says it's boring and sad and it's not funny.

~Eldarwen Failariel~

Emii said...

Hey Prism,
Thanks for the reviews! I've seen up, and here is the message from it:

You can't hold onto everything. You have to learn let go. :)


♥Libby♥ said...

I awarded you!!

~Prism~ said...

@Eldarwen Failariel: I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with those two people you mentioned. Are they the writers, producers, or voices???

That's totally cool =D I mean, everyone has different preferences and standards.

Up has it's funny moments, but the whole thing struck me as sentimental. I couldn't really relate since I haven't gone through what the characters have (emotionally, I mean. Who could really travel in a house able to float by means of balloons???)

@Emii: *nods* Thanks. =D

@Libby: Thank you so much, but I cannot get into your blog =( I get a "Permission Denied" message...

God Bless,


anna :) said...

thx 4 the reviews! bolt sounds like sumthin i'd like 2 check in2! :)

Tippie said...

Thanks for the reviews. I have seen Bolt and Up. Don't care to see Kung Fu Panda, but ah well, that's just my opinion. ;)
Up, I personally think was very very well made. Very emotion taking and funny. :)
Though, the main plot, on top may seem like they're just trying to reach 'The Lost Falls', I think the whole thing they were reaching for was to not hold onto something. If he would have looked at the scrapbook, he would have seen that her life didn't revolve around trying to reach 'The Lost Falls' anymore. She was content to be with her husband, it was her life to be with him, what made her happy. :)
Curious though, when you said:

I couldn't really relate since I haven't gone through what the characters have (emotionally, I mean. Who could really travel in a house able to float by means of balloons???)

Now, wouldn't this be the same considered for like, Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia, perhaps? Just a question I had. :)

Anyways, thanks again for the reviews!

~Prism~ said...

@Tippie: I was just talking about how I couldn't emotionally connect with the characters. The sentimentality of the main character...

As for Narnia and Lord of the Rings, it was the emotions I could get. Frodo's struggle with evil, Sam's devotion, and how Galdalf seems to be like our elders, who are so wise.
Narnia I could relate to because of Lucy, wanting to be understood. Susan, for sticking to the facts too much and not having faith.

I just felt like I didn't have anything to grasp onto...


Anyways, I totally appreciate to what you said. Remember, what I said are just my opinions (not solid truth. I definitely have my flaws!), and I'm open to listen to what anyone says.

Thanks Tipster! I think I wanna watch Up again.

God Bless,


Tippie said...

Ahhh, yes. I knew I was missing something when writing that comment. xD I guess that's what staying up real late all the time does to you. :P

Yes, I understand. :) As is what I say are my opinions and am always open to listen to what others have to say! :)

Thanks for the clarification. *hugs*

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