Friday, August 28, 2009

Randomness Friday: 30 Things...A tag

Alrighty, so I'll start with the highlight of my week. Riding, of course! (Remember, peoples, if you get bored of my horse-related ramblings, you are more than welcome to tell me to cut it out. Well, as long as it isn't too mean ;) )

Okay, so I got my first experience with bucking. Not major, mind you, but enough to make this green rider want to get off. It's something else, I'll tell you. Such a strange motion!

Here's what happened:

I'd given the horse a nice, cool bath and had let her laze around for a while while my dad brought back my saddle and blanket (it's my fault- I left it in the back of our car and totally forgot it when I made a beeline for the mare...)

So I rode a little bareback, not by myself, but with another person leading me. It definitely took balance, but again, interesting feeling. It's more like being one with the horse motion-wise....
But then again, I had SO MUCH horse hair and horse soap on my clothes that day... My biggest problem bareback or with the saddle is turning. I'm terrible at reining, and my poor horse must be confused because I'm not assertive enough...

Working on that...

Anyway, when I started riding by myself, my dear mount decided she HATED me... (Perhaps I got some water in her eyes unintentionally or something.) Anyway, she didn't want to obey. We sort of battled for a while, because she wanted to go into an area where I was sure to get scratches all over myself, or, you know, get my eyes poked out by some low branch...
She finally had enough and stopped.

Okay, I thought, she's decided to impersonate a mule... Stubborn, non-moving, whoopee....

But, no! She started bunny-hopping or something, because I was clinging like a baby money to the saddle. Was considering, for a fleeting moment, resorting to one of those carousel horses...

But it was all good. Her little fit only lasted a few seconds (seemed like a few days to me) and I rode her out a little more to prove that she wasn't getting the best of me, and then everything was okay once I starting riding with someone else.

But, what an experience, no?


I've been tagged by Joraiem to list 30 things about myself...

1. I've done the Cha Cha Slide... In Tae Kwon Do...
2. I'm a 1st degree black belt now...
3. I have an adorable dog named Belle
4. I'm semi-homeschooled
5. I've been to the Taj Mahal.
6. I'm in need of some good reading material... (not for school or anything, just for me...)
7. I'm pretty exhausted after my first FULL week of school
8. I found out today that the residue on fingers left by Cheetos has a name- cheetle (or something like that)
9. I've really gotten to know laptops recently.
10. Microsoft Word is times...
11. I don't talk to myself very often... (I just talk to my characters.)
12. I've written a book (Not published though. It's my dream to have it published)
13. I LOVE competitions and contests.
14. Technology rocks
15. I've never touched a Mac
16. I get up at 5:50 every weekday
17. I've put my writing on hold for school...
18. I adore reading
19. I love little kids
20. I enjoy exercising
21. I've never owned a cell phone
22. I do like fiddling with cell phones, though...
23. I love purple
24. I wish I could play the guitar
25. I love lasagna
26. I've made lasagna once before
27. I love thumb drives
28. i love tobymac's music
29. I love doing this- blogging!
30. And I'm all done!

I tag anyone who comments on this post!

God Bless,


Eruanna said...

It's cool that you ride horses!

~Prism~ said...

Thanks Eruanna!

Isirian said...

Wow I love horses,
Haa, I've done the Cha cha Slide, against my own will. Lasagne rocks!

Eldarwen Failariel said...

I tagged you! Come over to my blog and check it out!

~Eldarwen Failariel~

Tippie said...

5:50 every weekday morning? Blehh.
Loved it. ;)

I am going to post tomorrow for my Random Writings.

MoonShaw said...

Certainly, an amusing experience. I like the way you put the impersonating a donkey thing... hahaha!
Interesting thirty facts. Thanks for sharing.^^

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