Monday, August 17, 2009

Fictional Fave Tag!

I have been tagged by Araken of Writer's Passion! Thanks, because, I seriously have been wanting to do this tag.

Who is your favorite male fictional character, and whence comes he?

Jake, from Phantom Stallion by Terri Farley. Hands down. No question about it.

Who is your favorite female fictional character, and whence comes she?

Wow... I have to pick two...

Anne Ross from Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire by Wayne Thomas Batson

Lucy Rooney from the Lucy Novels by none other than Nancy Rue

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite work of theirs?

Hmmm.... There are way to many, but I shall name my current number one

Nancy Rue- the Lucy Novels

If you are writing a book, answer this question: Who is your favorite character in the book/series you are writing?

Braedrun... A talking horse with the biggest heart. Though Lucas comes at a close second.... *cough* He made me say it...

If you are not writing a book answer this question: Who is you favorite character in a book you know someone else is writing?

I'm technically taking a writing break, so....
Gal from the wonderful story by my friend, Tippie

Any other favorites you want to mention?

How about my fav. Bible story? For me, 'tis Esther.

I tag...

and Horseluver

I know how much I wanted to be tagged, so in addition to the names listed, anyone who is a follower or reader of this blog may consider thyself tagged!

God Bless,


Joraiem said...

Great answers! ( I made the tag so If you want to see my answers,

Tippie said...

Wow, thanks! *glomp* It's an honor to know that you like my book and my character!!

*is going to include this tag in today's posting on her blog*

~Prism~ said...

@ Joraiem: How cool! Awesome answers, by the way. Bonnie rocks.

@ Tipster: LOL. No prob. I really do love it, and I already saw your post ;)

God Bless,


justagirl4god said...

Hey Prism!
I'm doing this... check the blog!

Eruanna said...

Thanks for the tag but Joraiem tagged me! You can still go to my blog and see my answers!

HorseLuver said...

Thanks!!! I can't wait to do this!

Anonymous said...

I should, by all means, come to America and read all the available good books over there. Modern literature here isn't what I call... to my taste, anyway.
I will keep an eye open for these books you've mentioned!

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