Friday, August 7, 2009

Randomness Friday: I'm in Middle School???!!!

Apparently, I’m still in middle school…

First off, let me start with some facts about myself for you who are newcomers or don’t know much about me…

  1. I’m pretty tiny (Asian people usually are)
  2. I don’t wear makeup
  3. I skipped a grade (1st, so no big deal…)

Today we went school shopping at Wal-Mart. No brainer, right? Low prices and a convenient location. So we were there about an hour, and when we went to check out, there was a woman in her twenties at the register.

Seeing all of our school supplies, she asked, “Ready to go back to school?”

“Yes,” I said, smiling politely, trying to ignore Lil’ Sis’s bellowed version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

She was a little surprised and asked, “Seriously? You want summer to end?”

My mom said, “She’s been bored.”

Well, in truth I sorta do want summer to be over, so I said, “Yeah. I’ve been so bored all summer!”

She then commented on how good that was for my mom and all…

After ringing up a few more items, she turned to me again. “So what grade are you going to? Seventh?”

“Um…no… I’m in the middle of high school.”

She seemed a little embarrassed. “Oh…Well… You’re just so…skinny!”

I think she meant small…

Of course, I was a teensy bit uncomfortable and didn’t know what to say. “Oh, um, thank you- I mean, that’s okay…”

Then she said that I’ll be able to pass for someone younger a lot when I’m a lot older, and how much I’ll love it. Which, I suppose I will, in a way. I’m enjoying it quite a bit nowadays… I love shocking people with my real age.

While we were on our way out, my mom and sister (Artista) tried to find reasons why she might have thought I was still in middle school. Might as well mention Lil’ Sis was still singing…

My mom thought it was because of the fact that I don’t really like glopping heavy makeup on my face. (Glopping… ha! New word, ya’ll!)

Artista thought it might’ve been the fact that I was wearing clothes from the girls section of a store instead of juniors… (Okay, hel-lo! It was the only section I could find fitting clothes until VERY recently!)

*shrugs* Who knows? But we got a laugh out of it.

It’s funny, actually… A LOT of people have taken me for a little kid. Even other girls my age! Like at the library, we signed up for the summer reading program, and the teen girls thought I was still in elementary school.

Wowzers. This is just too funny.

But you know what? I’ve learned that my smallness is God-planned. I may hate it at times (especially when trying to play basketball… *sigh*)

But guess what? I’m like a PRO at hide-and-go-seek (can fit into a washing machine ya’ll!) and I think being small is a good thing for riding horses, which I adore.

I used to hate my height and build, but now.... *sings McDonalds song* badadadaDA! I’m lovin’ it!

God Bless,


***Emily*** said...

Haha! My little sister Caroline has the same problem! People ask her how old she is(in a talking to a toddler tone),and she is like 'I'm 7.'. Then they turn to me or my mom and are like 'really? I thought that she was 3 or 4.' it is kinda funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... we have that in common! As a Spanish girl, I am small too (Spanish people are short), and I don't wear makeup. While I'm sixteen there have been people that thought I was thirteen. :P

Emii said...

Hey Prism,,
Hehe, it's a good thing your such a good sport about it -- if that happened to me,, i would decide that i "did not like that lady anymore" lol .. that sounded like a little kids line :S ;)


Michaila said...

I have the exact opposite problem. Since I was the tallest girl in my class for the longest time, everyone thought I was WAY older than I am. One lady even thought I was married. I was like, 'um, no, not yet...' It was very weird. And I was the tallest girl on my basketball team and I, frankly, stink at hide and seek. But if anyone needs something on the top shelf, I'm there.

p.s. sorry I rambled on and on. =)

justagirl4god said...

:) hahahahahahaha! I have that problem all the time as well! Sometimes people are like 'oh, what, are you like grade 8? 9?' and then I have the opposite issue... "oh, you must have finished school YEARS ago?" and I'm like, yr 11, almost 16. sad really, but just the way God made me...
xoxo Have fun being... small! :)

Anonymous said...

I wish you had a pic. of your self!!:D

♥Libby♥ said...

hey prism,

you've got a really good point there :)
sometimes ive felt like that, but I just prayed that god would make me taller, and BANG, im like looking down at people. it feels really weird actually. lol


Violinist4Christ said...

*gasp* yes!! I'm not alone!! I'm rather small as well... thin, and short. My sister in 7th grade is almost as tall as me. And on days I don't wear make-up, which is quite often, I've gotten mistaken for someone younger. Which is quite annoying sometimes, especially when I'm at my job at the library and people are surprised that I'm old enough to work there.

Thanks for reminding us that God created us and planned our height and build. It's a good thing to remember, especially when we don't always feel like thanking God for it...


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