Monday, August 3, 2009

Reading Adventure

So, I, Prism am getting ready for school. Though I haven't had the chance to go supply shopping, I've been reading and getting into learning-mode.

I bought some books from a resale shop on Saturday, so I'm reading those. Robin Hood, an unabridged book (just means it's as it was when the author wrote it) and it's an educators version so I don't get too tripped up, but it's definitely an interesting read. So many words I cannot understand, but I've gotten some new sayings including "cracked crown" (getting bopped over the head and of course, being wounded) "clap the leaves" (closing a book). I just started it an hour ago, and I'm loving it.

Anne of Green Gables. Yes, I've read it before, but I got an abridged version with pictures. I like getting different editions of Anne. I just love it. Highly recommended.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. It's an okay book. Reminded me of Anne, but it didn't have much conflict such as in Anne, like Anne and Gilbert. There was aunt Miranda, but somehow I just couldn't understand her. And what's with Mr. Ladd?
A teensy bit too happy for my liking.

Have any of ya'll read these books? If so, feel free to comment. Even if you don't agree with my conclusions!

God Bless,


justagirl4god said...

I've read Anne too many times to count... such a great book (and series!)
I read the Rebecca one once when I was about 10 (which is almost 6yrs ago now!) and I can't remember much other than I didn't really get 'drawn into' it...
Have you ever read the Elsie Dinsmore series?
God bless!

~Prism~ said...

Yeah, it's a sweet story, but I'm not too into sweetness *laughs*

I have, and I liked it, though it wasn't my favorite. The whole romance thing. A good thing, is that it was Christian. So I recommend it.

God Bless,


Hannah said...

I've read the Anne series, without pictures, and the Rebecca one as well. I like the books, but at the end of RSF, I felt that their romance was very sudden and passionate.


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