Friday, February 26, 2010

Randomness Friday: Seeing Things, Saving Dummies, and Other Oddities!

Thank you, Libby!

Please welcome to AGoMC...*drumroll*




It's awesome to have you here, girls! Thanks so much, and welcome!


Okay, so you're probably worrying about my wacked out title.
First of all, I'm NOT calling anyone names...


Child 1: *laughs* You look funny
Child 2: *sticks tongue out* You're a dummy!

No, no, NO! Nothing like that. I mean, like dummies... Plastic dummies... Dummies that are not human, cannot breath, and are basically human-shaped but... aren't...

*groan* I probably sound like a dummy right now, huh?

*laughs* Anyway, I'm doing this CPR/ First Aid thing in school with this amazing girl as my partner in it. We're learning the basics and basically are going to compete. First, a test, and if we do well enough, we get to do it in a front of judges...trying to save dummies...

*hyperventilates* It's quite a lot to take in... no?

So we're working on that and it's honestly a TON of fun. I mean, this thing was what I was really worried about last Friday. I was drowning... in first aid and CPR...

You think I could've saved myself, considering all I've learned...
Just kidding, God worked in me a lot...

I'm the type of person who LOVES challenged but tends to get overwhelmed pretty easily. That's me, but I'm working on it.

It feels awkard trying to talk to and resuscitate a dummy....
*laughs* I just realized that sounded SO weird...

Okay, seeing things. My sister was reading a book, Enoch's Ghost,
And I was thinking the girl on the far right (Ashley) looks a LOT like actress Lauren Graham
Am I just seeing things? What do you think???? By the way, I do not endorse Ms. Graham. I've seen some of her work on TV and movies. Not always the cleanest stuff... Just a heads up.
Okay, so remember the tribe building contest I mentioned on Monday? Well, it's been extended! You have a WEEK more to sign up with the tribe you think is best (I recommend Nightwing), rack up some points, and score! Win awesome prizes if you're on the winning team!



Whoa. After a day of two big tests, practicing rigorous CPR, studying, and practicing for a MAJOR piano competition tomorrow, I'm beat. 

I'll talk to ya'll soon!
God Bless,


Average Terran said...

I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blogs of poetry and follow them.

Buttercup said...

I haven't read your whole post yet, but I glanced at your new followers. I noticed that you didn't have Poppy's blog url. I have it! :)

she's my sister. *wink*


Buttercup said...

Hey Prism,

I posted an RF last Friday! :) *grins* I didn't know if you've seen it or not.

Did you get my email? I was just wondering...:)

Your friend,

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