Friday, February 5, 2010

Randomness Friday: iPod Hiccups and other Oddities!

Thank you, Libby!

Welcome, welcome one and all... I feel like its been forever since I poured out my mind onto a randomness post. So, I'm going to warn you...

I will talk... a lot...

Please welcome to AGoMC....


It's so awesome to have you both here! I'm honored!!!!

Ever been out of music or book options? This probably won't become a regular thing, but I have a "web of things" to share with you!

If you like Krystal Meyers or Britt Nicole, you may also like...

Melissa Greene: This woman definitely has a gift. Her voice is so cool, and the title track "Next Step", "Too Far", and "You Satisfy" are my favorites. If you like worship songs and slow, emotional songs along with a mix of perky songs, I recommend her. 

Joy Whitlock: A lot of her songs on her album "God and a Girl" have a folk rock feel. Her voice is soulful and beautiful. My favorite on the album is "Not Through With You", though I can't figure out the meaning of the lyrics... She has some great song for alone time with God, in my opinion.

Brooke Barretsmith: Awesome rock songs. This former Idol contestant really put her heart into her self-titled album. I love "Breakthrough" and "Paper Tigers". If you go to her website, you can download her song, "Farewell" free!

Paige Armstrong: She really reminds me of Krystal Meyers before "Make Some Noise". Great rock songs with great lyrics. I love "Episode" and title track "Wake Up" on her CD. Plus, this girl has one awesome testimony.

Jasmine: This girl is so young, but she rocks it with her CD, The Next Me. I'd classify her songs as pop, and my favorite is the title track. My only complaint is that I felt at times as if the music was covering up her wonderful voice!

The Rubyz: This is also for fans of PureNRG. This duet of girls brings out the pop. Personally, I'm not a fan, but I'm sure their style will appeal to fans of Britt Nicole and Krystal Meyer's pop side.

Hope that opened some musical doors!

Whew! This week really was weird. Snow days for half the week, a test right when we came back and two days with no work! It was really strange, but I'm not complaining.
(Of course... I still had school at home)
But I'm glad I'm homeschooled because... guess what?
No snow days, no extending into summer or extra time in the classroom after 3:15!

I love dressing up... Not fairy princess dress and tiara... *nearly faints*
I mean business attire. Like, slacks (I don't really wear skirts... and it is winter. Brrr!) and a dressy blouse? Like, "I'm about to go into an interview" stuff.
I love doing that!
Random, I know, but I did it today and I loved it.
And no, I wasn't going to an interview... Twas for a school event

My iPod has been hiccuping lately...
Shall I explain?
Okay, I'm listening to my favorite Christian music station, and suddenly is pauses and I hear a "hic!" sound...
It really sounded like a hiccup, and it was while the host was talking, so I was like, "huh?"
But it happened again and again during songs, so I had to restart it.
It's fine now, but I was laughing...
My iPod really got the hiccups!

Do you ever make "to do" lists? I sure do... They help like... a lot!

An awesome quote I saw today:
"The best vitamin for making friends? B1!"

L-O-V-E it! And that's not just because I previously did a report on Vitamin B1!

God Bless,


Emii said...

Thanks for all the awesome singers, I've been looking for some more music to listen to!:)


Sarah said...

I loved ur even-more-random-than-usual random talk today :)

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