Friday, February 19, 2010

Randomness Friday: Are You Drowning?

Thank you, Libby!

Please welcome to AGoMC...*drumroll*



~Miss Zara~


Woah... FIVE new people who are brave and nice enough to listen to the ramblings of randomness me! Thank you, and welcome!

Ah, the Olympics have been INCREDIBLE although I still like the summer Olympics best.
Skiiing, snowboarding, speed skating, curling.... Woohoo!
But my personal favorite? Ice skating... More specifically pairs figure skating. Talk about courage! The guy has to flip a lady around and throw her, the gal has to be thrown and stick a landing. Talk about muscle, teamwork, and bravery!

Remember when I did my “If you like Britt Nicole, you may also like...”?
Well, I’m here to give you another one. (It’s sort of like Listmania on Amazon. BTW, I have a profile on there if you want to see some reviews or my Listmania lists. I’m “~Prism~” *laughs* What else?)

If you like Wayne Thomas Baston, (author of Isle of Swords, the Door Within Triology, and the Berinfell Prophecies Series) you may also like...

Christopher Hopper (Mr. Batson and Mr. Hopper are both writing the Berinfell Prophecies Series)

Ted Dekker

Donita K. Paul

Scott Appleton

Sharon Hinck

Robert Elmer

Paul McCusker

Lois Walfrid Johnson

Bryan Davis

Sigmund Brouwer

Lee Roddy

That's it! Hope you find some new friends (a.k.a. books)

Remember last Friday, when I talked about possibly of having YOU (yes, YOU!) as a guest for a interview on my blog? It's still open! Email me at:
agirlofmanycolors ^at^ gmail ^dot^ com

I have had two people consent to being interviewed, and I will contact you as soon as I can!

Okay, now the drowning... And the more serious (and maybe slightly depressing) side of RandomnessF.

Ever been so busy that you feel like so many things are going on and you can't keep up? You've admitted it, but you don't know what to do?

If not, welcome to my world.

This week has been crazee! (And yes, I spelled it that way *grins*)

I have a piano competition in less that a week, a schoolwide test in a week and another in two weeks, a school-related competition, a Sunday school full of three and four years olds every week, Tae Kwon Do, and that's on top of regular school craziness and blogging.

I feel like I'm sinking in the deep end, and it took me quite I while to quit being an imbecile and face up to my problems and admit them.
It may take time, but I realized my problem was asking for help. You can't always leave things inside. It's going to be incredibly hard for me to manage everything, and no, unfortunately, I cannot leave something behind because I am pretty much bound to everything I stated in the above paragraph.

WHAT TO DO (and ya'll, I'm preaching to myself...)

1. ADMIT it. Do you have someone really close to talk to? Talk to them. I went to my mom right away, and she stopped me from making possibly one of the worst decision of my life at this time. (No, nothing serious or drastic like taking my life or running away, but it was fairly serious)
Don't have a parent? Find a close relative, a pastor, an ADULT who has experienced more than you have. I recommend taking advice from them first, and maybe secondly your peers. But ALWAYS remember that they (your peers) are just like you and may not always have the right answers, though if you have a really close friend who you want to just talk to, do it. It doesn't mean you have to do what they say.

2. PRAY about it. Not praying was my biggest mistake. When I let those thoughts of hopelessness enter my brain, I was rejecting God's help. I didn't pray, I didn't want to. But I really needed to. I needed to remember that as a Christian I am bound to be a testimony and see things though. I should always have hope and I should always go to my Heavenly Father. I see that now. I HAVE to pray. What about you?

3. FACE it. You have to deal with these problems sooner or later. You have to make priorities. You have to own up to your mistakes. You have to face the giants in your life. You will not be alone, right? With these people's wisdom behind you and God's help you will make it through. It may seem like the end of your life, ~Prism~ and everyone, but it is NOT. Plow through it, go God's way.

That's my lesson of the day, and I hope you've learned something from my ways. Dealing with a mountain in your life may be hard, but once you're back in the valley you'll surely see how powerful our GOD is.
I'd appreciate your prayers also.

God Bless,

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Christopher Hopper said...

Thanks for the mention, Prism! God bless you and all of your helpful writings on this blog! Blessings! ch:

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