Friday, February 6, 2009


This is going to be a really random post....


Because I'm bored and don't really have something special to blog about at the moment. *grins*

Y'know what? From now on, Friday will be known on GoMC's blog as "Randomness Day." Feel free to post appropriate random things as comments on my random posts!

This should be fun......

*evil laugh* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *coughs* Hehe, sorry....A little bit hyper today....

So yesterday I was sort of sad because a special silver cross necklace that I had received a few years ago had become tarnished. It went from a pretty, shiny silver to a dull bronze-ish color. In fact, it looked a little bit rusted. Anyways, I didn't have a clue as to how to fix it, and I asked my mother.

She said to use toothpaste.


Yep. Toothpaste. I went into the bathroom and got out the tooth of gunky stuff. I started rubbing and scrubbing it in, and sure enough, it brightened!

I am happy to say that my necklace is as good as new!!!

Do you have any tarnished items? There are two things that you must be sure that this little chemistry activity works properly.

1. The item to be cleaned MUST be silver
2. The toothpaste MUST be white.

Very interesting, huh?

Here's another one. Have a penny that's not quite shiny? Get lemon juice or a lemon and rub it in the penny. It should be looking like new!


So in violin I moved up so now I'm learning new songs. I take two classes. One is for solo violin. It's just a private lesson where my teacher teaches me songs that I can play by myself for performances and stuff. (though I KNOW I'm in no way ready for that kind of stuff!) I also take an strings orchestra class, and that's really fun at the moment. I just love the way that the sounds can blend so harmoniously together! The deep rumble of the basses and cellos and the beautiful notes from the violin and violas that can be both cheery and haunting at the same time-It's just so beautiful! When I'm playing I feel so small! I'm just one musician in a whole array. Yet, a small mistake can be picked out by the trained ear of someone such as the conductor. It's truly amazing!

When people ask me about the violin and piano and which one I like more, I really cannot answer. They are both different and alike in some ways, and there are good and bad things about them. One thing is that a piano doesn't need to be tuned, but a violin does. And what a pain it is! The tuning pegs on my violin never stay when I try to tune it! A plus about the violin is that it can be transported easily. Sure, a keyboard can be carried around, but it usually doesn't have all the keys of a piano...


Here's another thing I've learned recently. Did you wonder how I got the symbols like the ace above and the hearts? On most computers, press "Alt" and then press some numbers on the number keypad. Release the "Alt" button, and the symbols shoulder appear. It even works for multiple numbers! Hold the "Alt" down and press some number. Release the "Alt".




Things to come:
Hot Topic of the month
Fiction Fix
Book Reviews
And More Randomness Fridays!!!!

God Bless,


Zoe said...

Cool post. Very random. I have been wondering how people do those symbols, so I am glad you explained. :D

SarahO'G said...

So it had to be white toothpaste? Because me purity ring is silver and it went bad pretty quick....... Can you define white toothpaste?

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

@Zoe: Thanks! It's really fun! I only learned recently, and it was like a cool surprise.

@Sarah: I think its just toothpaste that's the color of white. Blue or green or sparkly toothpaste won't do. I'm not too sure, but that's what my mom told me. It's something in the white coloring. I don't think the brand matters either. If it doesn't work, please tell me and I'll share the certain brand and type of toothpaste that I used. I hope it works for your ring! I know how special mine is to me! Once, I lost it and found it in the dryer a week or so later!

God Bless,

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