Thursday, February 12, 2009


Happy, happy birthday to two very special people today!

Did you know that it is Lincoln's 200th birthday today? He was truly an amazing man! His speech, the "Gettysburg Address", is memorized by many children in schools, he had many biographies written about him, he was an amazing husband to his wife, and he was an amazing leader!

And the second birthday! A very very happy birthday to one of my coolest friends!
I first "met" her online at the Dragons in Our Midst forum, and since then, we've become great buddies! I mean, there's not many people who I can be sarcastic with and they won't get mad at me! She is an amazing writer and blogger, and an even greater friend! Here's to my bookie on her special day! May God Bless you, girlie!!! Be sure to visit her blog and wish her a very special birthday!!!

God Bless,

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bookworm4god said...

THANKS SO MUCH! I love you too! :D

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