Saturday, October 11, 2008

Review of DragonKnight by Donita K. Paul

Bardon heads off to solitude to think about his pending commitment to join Paladin's ranks. He is hindered by two women and a little guardian seeking to find the father of one of the women, N'Rae. Bardon believes that Kale's father may be amongst them. Is his assumption correct? Will they successfully make it and fulfill their quest?

I loved this book! With the new characters, as charming and exciting as even, this book just pulls a reader in!

God Bless,

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drew816 said...

I LOVE THAT SERIES!!!!!!!!!0.o kale is so awesome and Bardon has an amazing adventure to find _______ &____________, i dont know if you read the others so I wont try to ruin it... im on book four right now!!!!!! if you read this comment please send an email to so we can discuss thoughts and dreams!!!!! (for the book) :D

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