Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adoption Status

As many of you know, my family is adopting a child from India!
We have finally gotten a referral for a little two year old. She is adorable, with big, expressive eyes and a wonderful smile.
It may take several months until she can come into our home, but she is already in our hearts and prayers. As of now, some paperwork and things to do from India need to take place before we go.
Please pray that we will be ready to be the best family for our little girl and the process goes quickly!

God Bless,


Itania said...

oh wow! that's cool!

yes tae kwon do is my second life. it's very enjoyable. I've been doing it since I was about nine. how about you?

Twin for God said...

Thanks for the update! I will continue to pray for your family. :) *hugs*

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