Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pain Everlasting

Twin_oracle, my friend from the Dragons in our Midst forum, just told me that she once heard a little boy say that P.E. was "pain everlasting". I think it certainly does fit!

Anyways, one more day to vote! Yahoo! Thank you to all who voted! I'm working on some new stuff now to post in the future, incorporating what you want to see on my blog!

Today is Wednesday, so for me it is P.E. day! Since I'm homeschooled, I don't have a gym in my house (well, unless you count the rarely used treadmill and stationary bicycle) so every Wednesday I go to a church in my area that has a wonderful gym with other homeschooled students. And boy, is it tiring!

Today we did started out as we usually do, 5 laps around, then we stretch out, and after that we run 3 more laps (though sometimes we lose count and we do more or less)
So we took a water break and came back to find that we were going to toss beanbags to see who would be the two team captains. So the gym is lined with different colored lines and about six or seven feet from the middle line was a blue line, and we had to get our beanbags on or really close to it. 3 people got really close to the line, me included. Since most of the time we have one guy captain and one girl captain, the guy who got closest to the line was automatically a captain, and another girl and I went for a tiebreaker. We were both indifferent to being captain, since you have to pick people and your friends or whoever gets picked towards the end don't get really happy.

So we couldn't decide who would throw first, so finally we decided to throw at the same time, and I threw closest so I was captain. We picked out teams, took another water break, and then began.

The first race was fairly easy and was definitely the most safest. It was just a baton race, going through the course and passing it to the next person. The other team won, but not by much. Our team actually won first, because the rules were that whoever's team all sit down first and complete everything, wins. But the other team wasn't too clear on the rules, and maybe our teacher didn't make it too clear, so the point was given to them.

The second race was using scooters. The scooters we used were low to the ground, have four wheels, and were square. They are basically big, bulky skateboards. So someone sat on the scooter, and the other people on the team would pull or push them. It was quite an adventure for some! Some fell off, some thrown, and some got their arms bent in weird ways as they were pulled along. I had the privilege of smashing into a wall, but it was padded and all. Thank goodness, no one got their fingers run over, and no one got hurt other than the slight pain that accompanies being thrown off a scooter. The other team was really fast, and the won again.

The fourth race was, in my opinion, the most dangerous. But thankfully, there was a lot of precocious people who went slowly, so there were no injuries. Again, someone was sitting on the scooter and someone either pushed or pulled, but this time the person who was pushing or pulling was blindfolded! The person who was on the scooter was to lead them verbally. My team decided to pick the smallest persons on the team, and I was one of them. Somehow, though, I was put through several turns resulting in someone knocking my headband off, falling off the scooter twice, going in circles, and utterly confusing the person I was leading. Fun, huh? Yet again, the other team was triumphant.

The last and final relay was the blanket race. Each person was required to sit on the sheet while the others pulled him or her around the course. That race required the most endurance and strength. Our whole team grabbed some of the blanket and got ready to go with one of our teammates. The first couple of runs were fun and exhilarating as we saw that we were beating the other team, but they soon caught on and were doing our technique. Soon, our whole team was gasping and our feet felt heavy, but we plodded on. Then, it came to the last person. They quickly hopped in and we took off, trying to think of running and pulling as hard as we could. The other team was ahead, but not by much. We kept on going, and soon the end was near. The other team slipped and the person on the blanket fell off! We dragged our team member to the finish line and all sat down. Our team had won!

After we were done, I was still panting and felt weak. I cannot wait for tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be really sore!

God Bless,


bookworm4god said...

Sounds like you're tired!! xD

:D I love your layout (backround or whatever). Where did you get it?!

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

I'm in a rhyming mood t'day.....Ole!

Thanks! I found it through twin4god's blog. Here is the site for free blog skins:

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

By the way, I do love P.E.! It's awesome! Don't let the post make you think otherwise :p

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