Friday, August 1, 2008

A Song by Me and Other Oddities!

I have been writing a LOT lately including stories and songs. Here's one I wrote.

Through it All

My God is with me in the good or bad
He is there when I'm mad or sad
When I'm crying, He's there to lift me up
Through it all, through it all, God won't let me fall.

Through it all, my God is with me!
Through it all, His mercies I see
Through it all, I won't fear anything
Through it all, through it all, He'll never let me fall!

When I fight temptation He is there to guide me,
When I'm weak and weary, Oh, Jesus is my strength!
When I stray from righteousness, my Shepherd will direct me
Through it all, Oh through it all! (Chorus)

I will not fear anything that comes my way,
Because he's with me all every step I take
My Comfort, my Father, the One True God!

Through it all my God will never leave me.
Yes, and through it all I know I am not small
Though just one in a crowd, He knows my name!
Every hair on my head,
Every thought I think,
And every word I say!
Through it all, through it all
My God won't let me fall.

So it's my first song and not exactly the best :/ Just thought I'd be crazy/random and post it! :D

So my friend Bookworm4God (link to her blog on my "People to See, Places to Go" list but ya'll probably know her since she's so popular) is going to Honduras for two weeks. She's leaving on Monday, August 7, 2008. (Yes, Bookiella, I am blogging on how much I miss you already)
If you read this before you go, ME MISSES YOU! :hug: ;) She's going to bring back cool picatures!

Anyway, time for my Sunday School funnies! For all who don't know, I volunteer every Sunday at a3&4 year olds class.

~One girl was playing "house" and she was the mother. The little girl who, oddly enough, was being the little girl was sick. So the mom said, "We need to go to the hostible!"

~One boy came over to the girls playing house and he was watching them.
"Wanna play?" a girl asked.
"Okay" replied he.
"You can be the grandma!" She said. The girls laughed because they understood the joke.
The poor little guy didn't get it so he just stood there and laughed along with the girls, "You are so funny!"

Anyway, that's what's been happening so far! :D


Araken said...

I like it! Does it have a tune yet?

Sapphira Adi said...

Welcome to the YCF! Cool blog :D

bookworm4god said...

lOl, I :WUB: YOU DOT!!! =D
i blogged too, so u better see my missing you!!!! lol
acturly, i'm leaving Monday, the 4th (not the see your post)
OH OH OH!... also, i'm not that popular with everybody... i barely know anyone. lol, not like how you know everybody over the forum, and now the blogging ;)

missing you,

A Girl of Many Colors! said...

Yep. But I'm not going to sing. I sound like a drowned cat. xD

Thank you Sapphira!

Yeah, I know. I was just testing ya ;) I'll change it. Miss ya!

Sapphira Adi said...

You are welcome ;)

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