Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Review of The Candlestone by Bryan Davis

As Bonnie is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the date that she is adopted by the Foleys, the unthinkable happens. Her father shows up and tells her that her mother is alive! Bonnie follows her father, hoping to see her mother again. Her father tells her that her mother was sent into a candlestone (dragon's bane) and that her mother is trapped inside. Little does she know that an evil dragon slayer lurks very near by. Will she find her mother? Will she be able to evade her foes?

I love this book and recommend it to any fantasy lover! Bonnie's strength, courage, and faith is really inspiring. I love when Billy reads what she said about him in her journal. A reader will be crying or or the edge of their seats at the climaxes, on the floor laughing at the funny things said, and be inspired.

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