Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eye of the Oracle by Bryan Davis

Meet Mara, a daughter of the earth. An underborn. Her evil mistress leads her to believe that she in a nobody, and freak of nature with her bright blue eyes and snowy white hair. She works to grow the other underborns who are a hybrid of man and plant that have been harvested for a sinister plot. She learns of Elohim, her mistress's enemy who is good and kind. Could He love a freak of nature like her? Join Mara on this adventure of love, trust, and faith.

Eye of the Oracle is the first book by Bryan Davis that I read. By the first chapter I was hooked! I compare it to a history book, but an exciting history of dragons from the time just before the flood to Dragons in our Midst. This is the first book in the Oracles of Fire series. This is one of my few special books. I have read and reread it many times and don't think I shall ever grow tired of rereading this wonderful masterpiece!


Paris said...

I've never read any of Brian Davis' books, but I want to. Right now I'm into classics though :)

bookworm4god said...

por favor?

Araken said...

True, that is an awesome book!

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