Monday, August 18, 2008

Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis Review

Raising Dragons begins with Billy Bannister, your average teenager. He begins to notice that he has some strange capabilities. As soon as his true heritage is revealed, he is soon running away from dark knights. He learns about faith, courage, and friendship. On the way he meets Bonnie Silver, a girl who seems to be hiding something. Will they evade the people after them, hunting them for their traits? This book is amazing! As all of Mr. Davis's books do, this book is intriguing and puts a reader on the edge of their seat! They feel as if they are right with Billy and Bonnie on their adventure. It's a must have for all libraries and preteen to teen readers! Best of all, it's appropriate with a great Christian message.

I love love love this book! It's on my special shelf of books that I keep in tip-top shape. I love Billy's courage and Bonnie's peaceful soul. They are both great examples for me even though they are fictional.

This book is available at
or your local Christian bookstore.

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