Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review of Limos, Lattes, & My Life on the Fringe!

Limos, Lattes, & My Life on the Fringe by Nancy Rue is the fourth and final book in the Real Life series. You can see my review for the previous books by clicking on the following links: books one, two, and three. Tyler Bonning is used to being on the fringe of the school crowd, she's smart, not popular, and pretty happy with being invisible and ignored by the Ruling Class, the popular people. But when she's suddenly nominated as prom queen as a joke, she decides to make use of her nomination and turn it into a campaign to make the prom for everyone, popular and not. However, her decision causes some friends to become enemies and what she before thought as enemies to become friends, like Patrick, a guy she wouldn't have even shared a conversation with before. With some family tension rising with the integration of her half sister, Sunny, becoming part of the family and mysterious threats to her cause, Tyler soon finds out that brain power alone won't help her. Are the answers in a strange leather book she finds?

         The author is quite the master of a perfectly balanced plot. The reader won't be bogged down by details, but there are just enough to be able to picture the scenes with clarity. This balance is hard to find, so I really appreciated it. This whole series is great, and in each one I found something that I related to. I especially loved the last two books because I "got" the characters. Their struggles in the books have been some of my struggles, and I love how Nancy Rue can enter the teen girl's mind and write exactly what the character would think and do if she was a real person. As always, I liked the Real Life book element because it applied Bible stories in an unique way with the girls' situations without being too preachy or not understandable. Unlike some of the other books, I wasn't bogged down with the portions, so although I can't pick a favorite in the series, I can say this is at the top of my list. Excellent series! 

Some mentions of plans to bring alcohol to the prom, but the attempts are unsuccessful.  

All in all, I rate this book five out of five stars. Highly recommended to teen girls.

Specifics (from
~ Paperback: 240 pages 
~ Publisher: Zondervan (April 26, 2011)

Note: Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes.



Emii said...

Great review, great book! Hmm, perhaps it's time to re-read it!:D

Marlena Cassidy said...

Nice review!

It's always a good sign when an author can identify with his/her audience. It's a mark of a good writer.

Trinka said...

I read the first book in the series ( and it was AWESOME!!!) and I'm hoping to find the others sometime soon. :)

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