Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review of In Between!

In Between: A Katie Parker Production by Jenny B. Jones is the first book in a series about a girl who is forced to go to In Between, Texas to live with her new foster parents. Katie Parker was happy enough at Sunny Haven Home for Girls. Okay, maybe not, but who wants to live in some town called In Between with people you've never met? Katie just wants to be loved and accepted, but when she finds acceptance with the wrong crowd, things go from bad to worse. Then there's her foster grandmother, who is known to the locals as Mad Maxine.

This book was hilarious, and I was laughing so hard every chapter. Jenny B. Jones is one of my absolute, all-time favorite authors because she can write fun, clean YA fiction. I love, love, love the way Katie's humor shines through the whole book to present truths and some sticky situations in a funny light. I really liked Katie's foster parents too. They are supportive of Katie no matter what she does, and by the end of the book, Katie and her foster parents have changed each other. Mad Maxine is also a fun addition to the book, and I absolutely cracked up at her antics.

I highly recommend this book to teen gals. Scratch that, I think women would enjoy this book as much as teens would. My rating, you ask? Five out five huge, gleaming stars. Bravo!

~Paperback: 352 pages
~Publisher: NavPress; First Thus edition (April 15, 2007)

Note: Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes.



Milisande said...

I enjoyed this series! It gets sort of Boyfriend Girlfriend at the end of the series but overall it was superb!

In Christ

Sierra said...

I love Jenny's books!I have read this one and the second one and some of the third one.I really really like them.They are so funny!Sierra

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