Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review of Tangled!

This movie is outright amazing. I'm going to say it now- you have to see it. I plan to purchase this movie when it comes out on DVD because it is absolutely awesome.

Synopsis: Rapunzel has been trapped in her tower for almost all of her eighteen years by an ugly witch who poses as her mother and keeps Rapunzel to use her magical hair to keep her young. Rapunzel longs to leave the tower and see the mysterious floating lights which ascend into the sky every year the day of her birthday.
Then enters Flynn Rider, thief extraordinaire. As he runs away after stealing the precious crown of the long lost princess, her stumbles upon Rapunzel's tower. 
Rapunzel takes his satchel containing the crown, bargains with him to take her to the lights, and there begins the wonderful adventure!

The Good: This movie truly is a family-friendly adventure. I loved every minute of it. The story was lighthearted and fun, and I have never laughed so much in a movie theater! This is truly on of my favorite Disney movies ever. I mean, this ranks number two to my all-time favorite, Finding Nemo. I'm a huge fan of family/kids movies, so I was totally captivated by the story. The characters are all awesome and distinct, and the story is so sweet. The villainess, Mother Gothel, was somewhat of a complex character and I think she's (can I say it) my favorite Disney villain. I highly recommend it.

The Not So Good: I honestly can't think of much I didn't like! Mother Gothel attire bothered me just a little bit... That's honestly all I can think of.



The Golden Eagle said...

Thanks for the review! I've heard a lot of good things about this movie; I'll have to see it!

Emii said...

I'm pretty sure it hasn't released here in Australia -- but when it does, I have to see it because I've heard such good reviews everywhere on it!

Rachael said...

cool, our theater had it once, I heard it was packed out.
I didn't watch it yet

I did watch: the voyage of the dawn treader
I did like it!

Jazmine~ said...

I wanna see that soo bad... it got like four stars =D

Tippie said...

Nice review! I've been waiting, waiting, waiting and WAITING to see this movie. It looks brilliant. :D Can't wait until we finally decide to see it.

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