Sunday, January 30, 2011

January, Where Hast Thou Gone?

I have shamed myself... January is nearly over, and, including this post, I've only penned, er, typed NINE whole posts.


So, sorry folks. I'll do my best to bump up that number in February. But we still have one whole day, right? Maybe I'll just post nonstop tomorrow. Nevermind if it's all Prism-ese gibberish. (Chinese, prism-ese... Get it? :P)

Okay, so you all are probably wondering where I've been...

Answer: Working my brain off and figuring where I stand on some deep stuff...

So, let's end on a positive note:

131 followers!!!!! Wahooo! Thanks so much for clicking that little "follow" button, although, I can't imagine why you'd want to do that so I'll do my best to make better posts and more reviews, as my handy dandy poll has indicated that I do. Thanks for voting about that, by the way.


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