Monday, January 17, 2011

Review of Save the Date!

Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones is an unusual romantic story that's a little like a modern-day Cinderella. When a huge donor backs out, Lucy Wiltshire is desperate to save her home for teen girls who have outgrown the foster care system and have to fight through life like she did. Alex Sinclair is desperate to win what his good looks, NFL fame, and money can't buy- a seat in Congress; his family is also the donor that supported Lucy's home.
In a whirlwind of gossip and rising popularity, Alex comes to Lucy with an interesting proposal... literally. Lucy and Alex must pretend to be dating then engaged to get Alex his position. Lucy, in return, gets her home.
With some disasters, shocking revelations, and tons of hilarity, Lucy and Alex soon discover that maybe they don't have to pretend. Do they really love each other?

This book is absolutely amazing. I've read books by Jenny B. Jones before (So Not Happening, In Between, ect.) and I can honestly say this book does not disappoint. It has that flair that is just so this author's style, and I love how the characters' humor doesn't take away from the story but makes it more vibrant. There are clear messages about forgiveness, God's love and power, and true love. Lucy was a strong character who still had her insecurities, and Alex was a surprisingly down-to-earth character. It's not just guy and girl are forced together by circumstance, fall in love, and live happily ever after. This story has many twists and turns, some real tear-jerking moments, and some big surprises. I absolutely enjoyed this book. I recommend it to gals in their late teens or early twenties.

All in all, I rate this book a five out of five stars.

Specifics (from
~Paperback: 320 pages
~Publisher: Thomas Nelson (February 1, 2011)

Note: I received this book freely from Thomas Nelson Publishers. I am not obligated to write a positive review- only an honest one.



Sierra said...

I love Jenny B. Jones and I so really want to read this!!!!!!!
By the way(can't remember if I mentioned), I love the new look!

Jazmine~ said...

This book already came out??
I thought this wasn't coming out until February.

~Prism~ said...

@Sierra: It was a good book. I hope you get to read it soon! New look??? What have I changed?

@Jazmine: Nope, from amazon, it says February 1st. You're right :) I just got an advanced copy from the publisher.
You may want to check out:
Free books in return for reviews.


Tippie said...

I've seen a few movies with this kind of plot and they were absolutely fun to watch! Thanks for the review! I'll have to look into getting it out once it comes out! :D

Oh, and thanks for mentioning booksneeze. I was a bit more than bummed when HarperCollins Children's books stopped their pre-readers program. I'll look into signing up for this!

Sierra said...

The new background. the green, pink etc.Sorry it took me soool ong to write back I've been away for 4 days.Sierra

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