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Interview: Laurea!

Today I get to feature an AWESOME blog and amazing blogkeeper, [Laurea]! [Laurea] is the blogger of Center Stage, and I recommend checking out her blog. It's really beautiful! Be sure to click on the button below to check it out, after the interview, that is! ;)

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Now, the INTERVIEW! =)
Prism: What are your hobbies?
Laurea: My hobbies are, in no particular order: Blogging (what a surprise), playing on Photoshop, playing tennis, soccer, cooking, playing Guitar Hero (though not obsessively!), listening to music, going to plays, reading, shopping, getting decent grades, playing the flute, playing piano, hanging with friends, making random crafts, saving the planet, etc.

Prism: Why did you pick "Center Stage" as your blog's title?
Laurea: Actually, when my blog first began in October, the name was Random Boulevard. I thought at the time that it was going to just be a random, crazy blog about my life. In December I decided to make it more refined and less random. So I wanted my blog's title to suit me--a Broadway loving little computer geek. :)

Prism: What is your favorite animal?
Laurea: My favorite animals are definitely dogs, especially small dogs. I'm going to adopt dogs from the Humane Society when I'm older. I hope to get a degree in college in Law Enforcement so I can work at the Humane Society.

Prism: Do you have a favorite musical?
Laurea: Les Miserables is definitely my favorite musical. Do I use "definitely" too much? *shrugs* Anyway, The Phantom Of The Opera and Wicked are not close behind. Phantom's music and lyrics are so breathtaking, but I find the plot to be somewhat confusing at times. And Wicked was amazing. The plot takes place before the Wizard Of Oz and it explains the events and characters of the Wizard Of Oz in such a unique way.

Prism: What would you say is the main theme of your blog?
L: That's a toughie. My blog doesn't have one straightforward theme. Photography is a huge element of my blog. I also just like posting about things that I love (or don't love). And of course, Broadway's in there. Hense the musical layout (that I designed myself!).I guess one of the themes of my blog is just showing people who I really am.

P: Do you have any pets?
L: No, but I wish I did! I really want a hamster, or a cockapoo, or even a goldfish. I used to have guppies. They kept having baby guppies, so I had guppies constantly for about 4 years. Then, the last guppy, Vishiswaz, died. I've been trying to convince my parents to let me get a golddfish named Winfield. Too bad they think I'm joking. :D

P: Summer or winter?
L: Winter! I LOOOVE the cold. The clothes are cuter in summer, but I hate that hot sweaty feeling. A perfect day for me would be between 20 and 60 degrees. So I'm definitely (there's that word again!) a winter person. Plus hot chocolate tastes so much better in winter!

P: Who is your favorite author?
L: Hard question. I don't exactly have one. Erin Hunter was probably my favorite in 5th and 6th grade, but I honestly don't like the Warriors series much anymore. I love fiction/fantasy more than nonficion, so I'd probably say Scott Westerfeld or J.K. Rowling.

P: Roses or daisies?
L: Red roses! Daisies are cute and playful, like me, but I've always been a romantic person deep, deep, DEEP down. But not too over-the-top in love. :) There's even roses in my header. :)

P: What is/was your favorite subject in school?
L: My favorite subject in school is Latin. People usually give me weird looks when I tell them this. It really is easy if you review it a lot. And you have to review it A LOT. There's 30 different endings (that I know of right now) for nouns ALONE. So making mistakes is pretty easy. I love the fact that I can walk around the house and speak in rather choppy Latin sentences and no one will know what I'm saying. :D

P: Thank you, Laurea!
L: Thank you SO MUCH for doing this, Prism! I had a blast!

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[Laurea] said...

YAY! Thanks for interviewing me, Prism!

Milli said...

Great interview, Prism! Center Stage, what a great blog name!

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