Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Name Game!

Remember in my previous post where I mention the black mare that I rode? Well, she doesn't have a name, and the owner said if I think of a good one, I should tell him. No guarantees about it being her name, though. Soooo, why don't we have a little fun with this? I'll tell you as much as I know about her.

She is a black female horse, and I don't know her age. Her former name was "Polly", and she was gifted to the owner with a buggy to pull. She is VERY gentle and has a smooth gait (riders don't bounce up and down a whole lot). She is black, but I could see some brown in her mane and tail, but that's unnoticeable if you're far away. Her fellow horse have names such as "Sissy", "Red", "Rusty", and "Lucky".

Usually I'm not too bad at naming things, but I'm still looking for that perfect name. Bear in mind that this is not my horse, so it may or may not be her eventual name. So far, I've thought of...

Oreo- Cutest, I think
Mist (Mistie) - First thought of a name when I first saw her
Midnight- Mysterious...

Have any suggestions? It doesn't matter if they're totally out of the blue, cute, wacky, meaningful, or mysterious. Send 'em in! (Please) =D

God Bless ya'll,


Tippie said...

This must be so exciting! *glomps you and squeals*

Ok, well, out of those three names I think Mistie or Midnight strike me as a perfect name for a black horse. :) I was just searching up name suggestions for black horses for fun, I found these: Ebony, Eclipse, Midnight [not sure on that one that one, it's a classic name for a black horse], Sadie, Luna, Coal, Mindy, Lila [means 'Night' in Hebrew]
And that is a lot of suggestions, but ones that I thought were very pretty.

Elizabeth J. said...

Hi there! I wanted to thank you for commenting on and following my blog-I appreciate it. I like the name "Oreo" for a horse. There is this book about a horse and the name of the book is called "Midnight Mystery.=)

Araken said...

Mayhap Midnight Eclipse?

ElizabethOfMena said...

Nellwyn? It means bright friend. Or maybe something more like Armina, which means warrior maiden. There's also Luana which means graceful battle maiden. Just a few suggestions.

Assr lei∂r ykkarr or∂.


Sarah said...

I like Eclipse,

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