Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Horse Happenings...

It turns out that my horse riding possibility has gone again. The owner of the horses got sick, so we told him it would be fine to not go. Of course I was a teensy bit disappointed, but I totally understand. I mean, who wants to ride a horse much less even go outside when you don't feel well?

The horse dream is still alive though, though it might take a week or two to get on one. What is so bad is that I can't find a place to give me lessons. My mom wants to find a place where they teach, but we looked everywhere and couldn't find a single place near our home. But we live about five minutes from the city, so we're in kind of a foresty area. You'd think there'd be at least one place, but oh well. *shrugs* I'll stick to books, figures, posters, and other stuff right now until God either tells me horse riding isn't a thing I should do or shows me a way.

Just have to wait, I guess.

God Bless,


SarahO'G said...

Awwww, sounds hard. I had the same issue with soccer last year. It'll work out! You got God!

Sarah said...

Aww poor Prism :( I hope you find a place to take lessons at!

Even though I have a horse.. I ride about twice a year lol. Because my horse isn't fully trained to be ridden yet, and I don't go anywhere to ride :( but at least I have a horse, so I really hope you find a place to ride!!

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