Friday, January 9, 2009

"This Place" by SONSOFDAY music video

I recently heard this song on the Gospel Music Channel, and I liked it a lot. Why? I'm not sure. I like the chorus especially. :D Oh, and as always make sure to pause my music player before listening.

This Place

I am reaching out to you now
I hope you see my silent cry
My heart is aching from this pain I
I want to leave this place somehow

But you don’t know how I feel
This job is not so bad you’re here
I can not take this anymore
I must be stronger than before

Take me out of out of this place
I’ve been here too long for too long now
So take me back now to the place where
To the place where to the place where I belong

I am barely breathing right now
Concentrating I can’t think right now
What this world wants from me I
I can’t quite figure out yeah

This time I will be stronger
I have to make it through somehow
The road is getting crazier
I’m hanging on to you right now

I think I’m crazy
We're not the only ones
Who get so dizzy
From what this worlds become

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I have never heard that before.

God's Soldier said...

Cool song.

bookworm4god said...

Great post! Sorry I haven't commented on your blog in forever! ily <3


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