Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sunday School

On Sundays, I will be helping out my friend in her Sunday school class for three and four years olds. I tried it out one day because I didn't really like my youth group, so I tried it and I was so hooked! The little kids are adorable and surprisingly well behaved. It surprises me how innocent and beautiful on the inside these kids are! All the little girls love to sit on my lap or love it when I play with them and the little guys enjoy playing a little kid version of basketball.

First, they come in and play for a while then we do "story time" and we sing songs and pray, then eat a snack, do a craft, then play until the teachers for the next one and a half hours comes to take over. I've noticed that their favorite song is "Jesus Loves the Little Children". How cute it is when their little voices sound so beautiful! Story time is always fun too. My friend (who is the main teacher) asks every week, "What do we do when we pray?" And this one boy always has the same answer, "We bow our heads, close our eyes, and sleep!" The first time I heard that it took all my will power not to burst out giggling. When we were praying one day a little boy was kneeling on the ground and praying in a soft. This was his prayer: "Dear Jesus, thank you for my batman suit, my Bibleman suit, and my lightsaber..." What was even more funny was hat he repeated it again and again. I was right next to him, so I could understand what he was saying, but a little girl across the mat that we use for story time and prayer looked up and asked, "What is he saying?????"

The girls are generally more quieter than the boys, but they are all adorable. Is it possible to have a pet? Not really. I love all the kids bunches. One little girl who was really close to me moved to Rhode Island just this week. I didn't know that until later, so when she came to hug me goodbye after my Sunday school shift was over and I went over to the service she asked me the most cutest thing. She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and smiling lips and asked,"Maybe I can come stay at your house and we can play?" I didn't know what to say to her so I hugged her and said that I would see her next week. Now, I'll probably never see her again. Even though I only had known her for a week or two my heart broke when I heard that she was moving because her dad was in the military. I'll miss her a lot, but I will rejoice when some day I will see her in heaven or even on earth in the future.

Now I know what "faith like a child's" means. Those little kids trust to have a good time, learn about Jesus, and play. They trust their parents to support them in many ways without ever questioning them. They never ask "why?" or "How come?" or "Do I have to?" I love it that there is no peer pressure, no immodest clothing, and no shame. I no longer complain about having to go to Sunday school for I enjoy having to lead these children in the truth of the Bible.

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bookworm4god said...

aw, i help out every other week at my Sunday school for little kids.
*yes i do have a pet*... but only because he's my boyfriend. Just kidding, he's only 3 (or turning three).... So yeah, it's so cute.
Sometimes (yes this is random) i wish i was still six because of the exact same thing. no peer pressure, no immodest clothing, no "meanness" except for the occasional "she hit me!" or whatever... it was nice then:)

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