Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Christian Music Videos

I loved this video from the start! It won best Christian music video in this year's Dove Awards. And like during the middle they say "Portable sounds to lift us up" My parents thought it was "Boo the Boo sounds" And they know I'm in love with Toby Mac's music. Even after I showed them the lyrics, they still say it to annoy me.

And here is Ignition my favorite Toby Mac song of all time! It really gets me pumped. Anyway, I couldn't find a music video (because, well, duh there isn't one) There is a live one on godtube, but the quality isn't that good so.........Enjoy!

Here is Superchick's "We Live" I love Melissa's hair!

And Krystal Meyer's powerful song "The Beauty of Grace"

And Krystal Meyers's "Hallejuah" another powerful song

So that's it for now, but I have a lot more videos to share later!

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Derek Greer said...

Have you ever tried Britt Nicole?
LOVE your blog!
Alexis Faith

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