Friday, June 27, 2008

Playground games in Tae Kwon Do?!?!?!?!

Yesterday was quite...strange in Tae Kwon Do. First off we lined up as usual then the little boys started saying that they wanted to play Red Rover. Our strict Tae Kwon Do master actually agreed! Me and one of my friends there, also a black belt, looked at each other and said "Oh dear". So we got into two teams and held hands (yuck) So people slammed into other people's arms and sometimes made it and sometimes not. Then, the master and instructor started to play. 0.o Everyone wanted them on their team and such since they were the biggest and strongest people in our class. Oh, and my sister is going to test for blue with red belt very soon! (Once they set a date. Which might take a while. *sigh*)


bookworm4god said...

so obviously you don't like red rover...:PP lol i haven;t played since i was 6... VERY long time. lOl.

A Girl of Many Colors! said...

I like it, but I don't like holding hands. And playing at Tae Kwon Do was weird! I mean we're supposed to learn stuff and do Tae Kwon Do!

bookworm4god said...

ya, ya, I get what you mean.
*it is weird*

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