Friday, October 15, 2010

Randomness Friday: Please, God? Please? Pleeeeeaaaase?

(Thanks Libby!)

I remember when I was little and wanted a puppy with everything I was... (Which wasn't much- I've always been Ms. Shortie)

Anyway, I would beg and plead my parents to get me a puppy. I begged and begged.

But God was gently and silently telling me "Wait." 

My friend got an adorable puppy... But I didn't

Still I begged my parents and God. Every week, without fail, I would ask for a puppy when my Wednesday night girls group asked for prayer requests. Soon, my teacher didn't even ask- she just put it up on the board.

God was again telling me "Wait- just a little longer. Just wait."

Then, one day, my parents made an aggreement with me.

They'd give me a puppy if I did well on a piano test and researched for the perfect breed of dog for our family and house.

Can you guess the rest of the story? :)

I was so amazed the day of the test. I walked out with the highest score for my teacher's students. I had played each music selection well, but not of my own power. God said yes!

I didn't get a puppy that day, but we did buy a puppy. We got her after calling about an ad in the newspaper and meeting the owner in the lot of a far away McDonalds.

We didn't expect to drive away with a adorable little puppy with us, so we hadn't prepared at all. But she was ours.

Though my sister claims the honor of first holding her, I got the privilege of naming her.

She's my Belle.

 Isn't God just AMAZING?

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Sierra said...

I really want a dog or any kind of pet that I can hold and hug.What do you really do with fish anyway?She is sooo cute!I am pretty sort now and will still be short (no tall people on either sides of my family) =(

Buttercup said...

aww. that's so cool! she is SO cute! :)

I LOVE your blog! Especially your posts! And I am a proud follower of...*drum roll* A Girl of Many Colors!!!

Emii said...

Aww, she is so cute! (Meh, Buttercup already said that but I'd already planned to write it:P)
So true. God's timing just isn't the same as ours.

Mahina said...

What a cool story, Prism! Belle is very cute! :)

Shelley said...

Very cute! I bet all that waiting was worth it huh? Congrats on the 115 followers! :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA ur dog is so cute! I have a long haired Chih, that looks so much like Belle! I post pics of her on my blog, I just did recently. But don't tell Cinnamon I said this but, (She's overweight) YES MY CHIHUAHUA, sadly, IS FAT. HAHA

Buttercup said...

Hey Prism, Just wanted to let yo know...tag! you're it!

Memzie said...

She's adorable!

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