Friday, October 22, 2010

Randomness Friday: Listen UP!

(Thanks Libby!)

I don't usually compare myself to animals, or in this case, bees, but I truly am as busy as a bee. I'm talking no fall break here with tons of test prep and homework a-plently.

But, you want to know the amazing thing?

God is showing himself so powerful and merciful in my life. It's incredible what He has done, and I'll never ever start doubting His power in my life, even if the results I get from tests, scholarship contests, or activity applications are not what I want.Who knows? It might just be what I need.

This year has been really amazing so far. I was a total mouse (there's another animal for you) for most of the time last year, but I'm really finding boldness and more friendliness as more time goes on.

Take two days ago. I was supposed to give a ten second speech in our class (because I'm the president. Who'd have guessed that, either?) about why we were having a party that day.

So I stand in front of the class and stare at the people in front of me talking, working on school, or already digging into the eats.

And I yell, "LISTEN UP, PEOPLE!"

Then gasp, "Whoa.... That was loud."

There were a few comments here and there like "You go, girl!", "There's a leader", "Okay...That was...loud. Really loud."

I never expected I'd experience this much growth in a year.

Thanks to God, school, and family, I hope there's a bright future out there for me. And I know I can accomplish my goals with lots of hard work and lots of grace from God.

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Do you ever have trouble finding the right words to say? It can be serious or laughable, but I seriously have trouble saying the right things at the right time.

I don't really struggle with the use of "Um" and "Like" but I just have times when I blank out when it comes to what to say! It can be pretty annoying...

But do you know that when a friend's going through a hard time, you can just be there for them?

Just go sit with them for a while, and if you can't find the words to say to them find the words to say to Him.

Prayer works, folks.

Last thing before class is dismissed. I know this has been a more serious RF than usual, but I hope you don't mind...

"Beautiful"- MercyMe

For those of you blessed with an actual Fall Break, enjoy it! Have fun and spend some quality time with God, family, and friends.



Sananora said...

I love that song by Mercyme...oh yeah and if you didn't know Third Day is giving their song "Lift Up Your Face" for free from their website.

Shelley said...

Great Random Friday post Prism! Nice to hear you have found a new boldness within yourself! I too can be like a mouse at times, so I need to work on that! :) Good song! Thanks for sharing!

I tagged you! Go to

Kendra said...

Hi Prism

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Buttercup said...

I know exactly what you mean, Prism! I went through the exact same thing! It might seem small and unimportant to others, but it means the world to you/me! God is good, isn't He? He is THE great God!

LOVE that song!!! :)


Sierra said...

I am bold, I think, but it is going a 50/50 way.I totally use Umm a lot!Sierra

Pearl said...

I don't have issues with knowing what to say... its saying what I want to say. Because of my illness, I deal with a lot of doctors, that are, let's face it intimidating. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I'm not. I know exactly what I want to say to them... but I can never stand up and actually say what I'm thinking, if that makes an ounce of sense. I guess I’m just too nice and considerate of them (even though that sounds so vain!)… And I fail to think of how their decisions are affecting me. : )

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