Friday, September 10, 2010

Randomness Friday: Secret Agent Man

So... the chorus of this song has pretty much been in my head for the past week. Seriously. Ask my family, and they will tell you I have been belting out this song and driving them crazy. You can imagine how much more crazy it drove them when I found the music video! ;)

So, why?
Why have I had this little ol' song in my little ol' head?

1. I have been watching Sue Thomas F.B.Eye (yeah, that's intentional) for the past few weeks
2. I've read waaaaay too many mystery books lately that involve investigators and the like
3. Two secret service guys came to my Tae Kwon Do class.

Now, isn't that just plain weird? Not the things themselves, but that I've been seeing this stuff a TON?

Anyways, just thought it was cool.

So... horses.

I spent the past week rereading all of my old posts (that may account for why my post-ish abilities have not really worked this week)and I saw that my RF tradition was nothing other than writing about my equine adventure.

Hence, I now post about my horse adventures!

Last week I got to ride the horse the very fastest I have ever gone. I'm not sure if it was a gallop (in fact, I highly doubt it) but I know it was the fastest ever.
I also got to help build an electric fence to pen in an animal. To say in the least, I had so much fun. I learned, even though I didn't do the hard work (I just held the fence up when I was told to and I fetched supplies. It was a good day.

And this past Monday, I got to ride AGAIN and got to see horse races! So, awesomeness.

So many things have been happening in my life lately- I actually taught a full Tae Kwon Do class for a day with the people I usually learn along with. I got to do a little photo shoot for my school,and I was elected president of my school!

Like, WHOA! *laughs*



Sananora said...

I've heard that song before. It was what played on the menu of Danger Man. We watched some of those, their pretty awesome, a little violent if I remember correctly.

Sierra said...

Awesome!I love horses!
I just started a Girls Bible study and I'm not sure if I should continue because I feel estranged from them because I am the only homeschooler and all that they talk about is school,boys at school and all that.Depressing for me.Any advise?I am the second oldest and probably am more comfortable with the adults then the kids.Typical homeschooler.The Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown are up there with the Olympics, Halloween, (I love sugar) Christmas and all those other holidays. Wow this is super long!Sorry.Sierra

~Prism~ said...

Sananora: Cool! I don't think I've seen that movie before, though. Is it new?

Sierra: My advice to you is to gently steer the conversation away from the topics you don't feel comfortable with. If you lead the Bible study, set up a topic and make sure you stay with it. Sometimes hearing about different opinions of different topics is an okay thing, though. Girls nowadays typically steer towards conversations about boys. It may get a little annoying sometimes, but perhaps you can take that opportunity to discuss what God says in the Bible about guy/girl relationships. Perhaps you can even do a study about it.
Think of things you all have in common- the study or being Christians!
Sometimes just listen, sometimes try to think of something else to talk about.
I'm totally with you on the feeling left out thing, though. A group of people I know all go to the same school, know the same people, and go to the same classes. It's easy sometimes to feel lost or left out.
But is there ever a lull in the conversation? Maybe then you can introduce a new topic that everyone can add to.

I hope this helps. :)


Sananora said...

No, Danger Man is a real old TV show. Oh and also it was called Secret Agent Man in the US. Here is a link from IMDB about it

What I really like about the show is the main star doesn't ever save a girl (you know how heroes in movies like that always save the girls in the end). And he doesn't always win, which made me real sad.

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