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Review of Perfectly Ridiculous!

Perfectly Ridiculous by Kristin Billerbeck is the third book in the YA fiction Universally Misunderstood series (see my reviews for book one and book two). Daisy Crispin is finally done with high school and looks forward to a bright future as a finance major in college. To add to her happiness, her best friend's parents are giving an all-expenses-paid trip to beautiful Argentina! As an added bonus, Argentina is where her extremely attractive sort-of boyfriend, Max, lives! Some summer fun, independence from her well meaning but slightly overbearing parents, and the possibility of an innocence foreign romance! What more could a girl ask for?

But, of course, things never turn out as Daisy expects, as we have seen in the last two books.

Soon, a letter arrives in the mail dictating that Daisy cannot get her scholarship for four years at the university unless she completes two weeks of mission work. Bye bye tango lessons, exotic tours, spa days, and Argentinian steak... Or is it? Daisy soons comes up with a compromise. One week helping with a rural VBS program and another week enjoying her vacation in paradise? Sounds like the perfect plan, right?

Or... it could be perfectly ridiculous.

This book is so refreshingly real. I mean, true, most girls don't go to Argentina, have parents who are as eccentric as Daisy's, and have an affluent best friend, but the dialogue and Daisy's inner thoughts are just so spot on! Daisy's quirks makes this book even more endearing to the point that she feels like a real person! I believe teenage girls will absolutely relate and love the witty, and honestly, brilliant writing. I also love books with a big-impact lesson. I think on of the main themes in the Universally Misunderstood books is letting go of the OCD tendency most teenage girls have and letting our lives be piloted by God. Readers are able to see that Daisy's misadventures are often a result of her, as Daisy's mom puts it in the book, "playing God". I think this is an excellent message to girls, as I know it is to me, to really learn to depend on God and acknowledge His sovereignty. I also love how the end of the book leaves the reader fulfilled yet leaves enough open so that the reader could decide Daisy's future, so to speak. The ending is very well-written, as is truly the whole book. I'm so glad I found this series!

All in all, I rate this book five out of five stars.

Specifics (from
~Paperback: 247 pages
 ~Publisher: Revell (July 1, 2012)

Available July 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group!

Note: Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for reviewing purposes.


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