Friday, May 18, 2012

Song Obsessed!

That ever happen to you? You get a song in your head and just can't get it out? But it's not a bad thing because you actually really like the song! Well, that's been the case for me and Coldplay's "Paradise". Absolutely love it although, yes, I lost some respect after seeing the music video... Really? Elephants?

Anyways, I must share with you!



ThePixie said...

I just heard this song recently; Coldplay definitely has an interesting style.

Hope said...

I love Coldplay and everything about them. I have the entire Mylo Xyloto album, "Cemeteries of London" from Prospekt's March/Viva La Vida, and "Christmas Lights." My favorite from Mylo Xyloto would have to be either "Hurts Like Heaven," "Don't Let it Break Your Heart," or "Major Minus." No one likes "Major Minus..." but I do:)

Memzie said...

That is an easy song to get stuck in your head.

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