Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review of Promises to Keep!

Promises to Keep by Ann Tatlock is a poignant historical story of eleven-year-old Roz Anthony. Roz's family moves to a small town in Illinois to escape Roz's abusive father, and they soon meet Tillie, an older woman who is determined that their house is her house. This eccentric woman soon captures the hearts of Roz's mother and little sister. Still skeptical is Roz's half-brother, Wally, who is bitter because of the treatment he received from Roz's father. Tillie's claim that she will die in her house causes a unique arrangement that leads to her living with the Anthonys. Roz soon befriends a girl named Mara, who she soon discovers hides secrets of her own. When danger finds its way to the Anthony family, Roz soon finds herself in the middle of it all. Decisions soon bring consequences and sacrifices lead to the healing of a family.

I absolutely loved this book. Good authors are able to weave a whole world through their character's perspective, and Ann Tatlock has done an amazing job with the point of view of Roz. Her voice is crystal clear and gently guides a reader through the plot of the story. Racial issues, abuse, and alcohol are all dealt without taking away from the flow of the story.The story is well-settled in the era of the Vietnam war, and it is easy for a reader to immerse themselves into Roz's world. Tillie is such a unique character- imagine finding a woman sitting on your front porch, reading the morning newspaper! And when you question her, she claims that your house is her house and that she will die in your house! Tillie's character is sweet and loving, and she brings Christ to the Anthony family without being overwhelmingly "preachy". Excellent, excellent book.

I recommend this book to readers in their teens and up. Five out of five stars!

Specifics: ( from
Paperback: 348 pages
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (February 1, 2011)

Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for providing a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes.



Sierra said...

Sounds quirky cute!Can you suggest a good site to review for other than BookSneeze?Sierra

~Prism~ said...

Sierra, try searching "Tyndale Blogger Review" and

(Sorry, I don't have the link to the Tyndale site right now)

Thanks for reading!


Emii said...

This books sounds great! Haha, I was thinking, what books should I buy with my voucher? And then I was like, Ooh, I know! I'll go over to Prism's blog!:P So thanks.

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