Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can't Help It...

Okay, I'm going to post all of the "Insanitized" video by Tim Hawkins. These videos are not mine; I found them on youtube.

Do you blame me? He's is just way too funny!

(The part when he starts talking in a fake Indian-ish accent totally cracks me up XD)



Katrinka said...

YEESSSSS!!!!! This guy is just too funny! He's our family's FAVORITE christian comedian. I LOVE him!!!
Thanks for posting these, Prism!

Miranda Yorty said...

Part 7 is the funniest one xD I couldnt breathe through most of it i was laughing so hard

Love Unawakened said...

He is hilarious!! THanks for the laughs!! :)

Maiden of Emmanuel said...

I sat down and watched some of these videos from your earlier post with my family and we were cracking up.
Thanks for sharing the videos!

God bless,
Maiden of Emmanuel

August said...

I love Tim Hawkins! He's hilarious! Thanks for posting!

---A new follower (:

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