Monday, October 3, 2011

Review of Tomorrow's Sun

Tomorrow's Sun by Becky Melby is the story of two woman from different centuries learning about love, hope and healing. Emily Foster is broken. After utterly destroying a young woman's dreams in a skiing accident, Emily can only put her efforts in remodeling houses to eventually move to California, where she is determined to feel better. Yet, she soon finds that love doesn't depend on a place... it depends on people. Emily discovers with her hired contractor, Jake Braden, mysterious clues and echoes from the past that may show that the house Emily is remodeling is a stop on the Underground Railroad. Jake is determined to save his niece and nephew from an abusing stepfather, so he decides he has no time to fall for Emily. Emily is determined to move to California, so she decided she has no strength to build friendships...relationships with the people of her new town.

Will the adventure of uncovering the mystery of Emily's house pull the two together, or push them apart?

I loved how the author went back and forth with the new and the old with sections and Emily and Jake and about the Underground Railroad. The book is excellently written with characters with believable emotions and a real sense of humanity. I loved the character of Jake. He was willing to sacrifice anything to save his niece and nephew, and his strength of character was so endearing. The extra characters added perfectly to the story!

The story seemed to move slow sometimes, so I wish it had been more attention-capturing.

All in all, I rate this book five out of five stars.

Specifics (from
~ Paperback: 320 pages
~ Publisher: Barbour Books (January 1, 2012)

Note: Thanks to the publisher for giving me a free electronic copy of this book for reviewing purposes.



Emii said...

It sounds good, especially since the main characters name is Emily;) ...but sometimes with those slow-moving ones, it can take me a loooong time to get through it.

I have a question -- how many books do you have?! Because you must've gotten like, a thousand from publishing companies!:D ..ooh, well this one was an electronic copy. In this case, I have another question -- do you enjoy reading electronically? I haven't tried it. Does it hurt your eyes? LOL. Just wondering!:)

~Prism~ said...

I have no idea how many books I have! Haha. To be honest, a lot of the electronic books I get are kind of like a library rental. I don't get to keep them. However, I will attest that my real bookshelf is overflowing with books! I probably have too many. =)

Electronic reading has its perks. For instance, I read them on my computer and iPod, so it's really portable. I can stick my iPod in my purse and go without worrying and lugging around a 300+ pages book. Also, tons of books can fit on one device. I also buy digital books, so I probably have close to 300 on there. But yes. There are eye strain problems. Sometimes my eyes hurt from looking at the teeny screen. And it's not holding a physical book, with pages and that cozy paper smell- in your hands. :)


Becky Melby said...

Hi Prism,
I just stumbled on your blog today. Thank you for the positive review you have Tomorrow's Sun. So glad you enjoyed it. I'll take your comment about the slow-moving parts to heart for future stories.
God bless.

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