Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review of Gray Matter!

What happens when a neurosurgeon decides to pray with his patients prior to surgery? The autobiography Gray Matter by Dr. David Levy recounts his experiences as he discovers the power of prayer in his life and in the life of his patients. His journey of building up courage to ask patients to pray, being unashamed when his colleagues discover what he is doing, and keeping his faith strong when procedures do not go well all show how faith may be brought into the workplace while being careful to be mindful of others and the regulations in place. The vivid medical details and amazing stories of faith allow readers to see the power of God and explore their own methods of sharing Christianity.
Dr. Levy begins his career as a cocky medical student who believes the power is in his hands, but as he discovers the true Physician, he discovers that God is ultimately in control. When he feels led to pray with his patients, Dr. Levy is concerned about the possible responses; he could be mocked or rejected. However, he finally builds up the courage to pray with a patient who is eventually healed both physically and spiritually. While helping his patients, he also discovers that the experience is changing him and strengthening his faith. He proposes that science and faith are not incompatible but acknowledges that doctors can face ridicule or discipline if they decide to share their faith. “The role of prayer in health care is itself a gray matter,” he comments.
This book is written with detailed descriptions of the field of neurology. The aspects of faith and medicine are balanced in a manner that both medical professionals and average readers will find enlightening. His ideas and his journey of discovering the power of prayer is shared with honesty. The stories do not only include successes. Some stories do not end well, but they show that even disasters can result in growth and forgiveness. This book is an excellent reminder of the power of prayer and how Christians can reach out to others, regardless of their position. 

                The debate still continues about whether or not prayer and religion is appropriate in the health care setting, but Dr. Levy shows how it can be helpful, even life-changing. Readers will find Gray Matter an engaging read that causes them to rethink their ability to reach out to unbelievers and be more open about their faith. Above all, they will consider the power of God and how he is the ultimate Healer.

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Shelley said...

So true Prism! :) He is the ultimate Healer! Sounds like an interesting book considering science and faith aren't usually paired. Great review!

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